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In this article: calendar selection, filter, chart, grouping, amounts, rounding and export.

To open Summary Report, click on the Reports button in the main Toggl sidebar. If your Summary Report looks nothing like the image below, open the Old Summary Report article.



Use this to select a date range for the Report:

  • Click on This Week to open the Calendar
  • Click on the dates twice to set the range. The range can’t be more than a year long
  • To confirm your selection click outside of the calendar
  • To limit the range to one day, click on the same date twice
  • You can also click on any of the presets to the left of the Calendar


  • While the Calendar is closed, you can press the Left or Right arrow keys to move forwards and backwards by your selected date range. For example, if you press Left while This Week is selected, the report will move to Last Week.
  • The maximum number of days in a range is 365 days. The only exception is if you select all the days of a leap year (366 days).




You can filter your data by User, Client, Project, Task, Tag, Billable and Description. The report will automatically update as you set or remove each filter.


  • Setting the Client filter will select all that Client(s)’ Projects, under the Project filter
  • Setting the Project filter will select all that Project(s)’ Tasks, under the Task filter
  • Use the small X icon next to the Description filter to quickly clear all filters



Bar Chart

The bar chart shows your Workspace’s tracked time over the selected date range, according to the filters you’ve set.

Each bar represents a specific period, depending on how long the date range is:

  • 1 Day to 1 Week: Each bar is a day
  • 1 Month + 1 Day to 6 Months: Each bar is a week
  • 6 Months + 1 Day to 1 Year: Each bar is a month

Moving your mouse over a bar will show the total amount of time tracked for that period, as well as the start and end dates for that period as well.

On paid Workspaces, some bars will include a dark blue portion that represents the period’s billable hours.



Below the bar chart are a list of groups. These break down your data into two levels for easy review.

The first level is set through the Group by drop-down, while the second through the and drop-down. By default each first-level group is collapsed. You can click on a first-level group’s number to the left to view its second-level groupings.

Each group has its total time to its right, shown in the time format set on your Profile settings.

The pie chart to the right is a visual breakdown of the first-level groups. The largest groups (by time) are given their own slices, while the smaller ones are automatically consolidated into a “Other” slice. You can move your mouse over a slice to see more details about it.

Note: The “Other slice” is automatically generated and cannot be modified.

You can group the data by Project, User, or Client. You can also set sub-groups by Time Entry, Task, Project, Client or User.

For example: with Group by/and set to User/Project, you’ll see how much each team member worked and how their time was divided among projects.



If you’re on a paid Workspace, you can also round the times shown for the Groups. Just click on the Rounding button on the upper-right of the group list, then click on the Apply button once you’ve selected your rounding options.



If you’re in a paid Workspace clicking on the “Amounts” button will allow you to show or hide billable amounts. The amounts are calculated based on the billable rates you associated with your projects and/or team members. Set the option to “Show amounts and rates” to see the actual billable rate being applied.


Export and Saved Report

  • Click the download icon on the top-right to export your data as a PDF or CSV
  • On paid workspaces, you can also export XLSX files, you can click the save icon to create a Saved Report

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