If Toggl Track's built-in reports can't provide the specific data structure you need, create your own using a Pivot Table in Excel or Google Sheets!

You can create any kind of report you like, such as hours per project for every day in a month, or the number of time entries per user per day. Check out our example workbook here to see a few!

Here's how we do it 😄 

Part 1: Export time entries from Toggl Track

  1. Go to the Detailed report page, and use the date picker to select the time period you want to report on.

  2. Click the download icon at the top right, and download your data as a CSV file.
    (.XLSX files can also be used but please note that .XLSX files will have additional columns and totals, which you need to deselect).

Export Reports

Part 2: Import time entries into a spreadsheet

Steps for Excel:

  1. Go to File > Open.

  2. Browse to the location where you downloaded the file from Part 1.

  3. If you downloaded a CSV file, select Text Files in the file type dropdown list.

  4. Double click the file to open it.

Steps for Google Sheets:

  1. Go to File > Import.

  2. Click on the Upload tab.

  3. Click Select a file from your device.

  4. Browse to the location where you downloaded the file from Part 1.

  5. Double click the file to open it.

After importing, you should see a table of your Toggl Track data, similar to this:

Part 3: Create a pivot table

Steps for Excel:

  1. Click to select any cell in the table of time entries from Part 2.

  2. Go to Insert > Pivot Table.

  3. Click OK.

Steps for Google Sheets:

  1. Click to select any cell in the table of time entries from Part 2.

  2. Go to Data > Pivot table...

  3. Click Create.

At this point, you should see a new worksheet with an empty table and an empty Pivot Table pane with various fields, such as Rows, Columns and Values.

Part 4: Create your report

Here's the fun part! By adding various options to each Pivot Table field, you can create the report of your dreams 😍 

In Google Sheets, click the Add button next to each field to add a specific option.

In Excel, tick the option in the top box, and (if necessary) drag it into the right field down below.

To start with, let's create a custom report which shows you the number of hours from each user, per day. This shows you the same data as Toggl Track's Weekly report, but can display more than one week at a time!

Add the following options to each Pivot Table field:

  • Rows: User

  • Column: Start date

  • Values: Duration

And your table will show you the total hours for each user per day!

If you want to break it down more - for example, also see what projects each user worked on - add the Project option to the Rows field. This will break down each user's time by the projects they worked on.

What if you want your data the other way around - show each project's total hours, broken down by user? Easy - just drag the Project on top of User in the Rows field! 

Want to group the projects by the client as well? Just add Client to the Rows field and drag it to the very top!

Try out the various options in each field to see what they do and you'll be a pro in no time!

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