Creating Invoices in Toggl Track

This article describes how you can create a PDF invoice based on your tracked hours from the Summary Report page.

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How do I create an invoice?

It's easy; go to the Reports (Summary or Detailed) and use the "Create Invoice" button located in the top right corner of the page.

Alternatively, head over to an Analytics chart and click on Actions > Create invoice to push the data from the report into an invoice.

Creating an invoice in Toggl Track

Can I customize the invoice?

Yes, you can! After clicking the "Create Invoice" button you will be taken to an edit view where you can add new details or edit what is already there based on your Summary Report data:

The edit view for your new invoice will be pre-populated with data from your report, such as:

  • The date when the report was generated

  • The description (based on your data grouping settings)

  • The quantity (based on your tracked hours)

  • The total billable amount (based on your billable rate; this is a paid plan feature)

All of the pre-populated fields can be edited by simply clicking on the field you wish to edit:

You can add custom data in custom fields as well, such as the billing details for who gets billed, where the payment should be made, purchase order number, invoice ID, new invoice item, tax, and a custom memo at the footer of the invoice. The screenshot below highlights all the sections & fields you can edit.

Creating and editing an invoice in Toggl Track

How do I download an invoice?

When you are done editing your invoice, simply click on "Download Invoice" in the top-right corner of the invoice edit page:

Clicking "Download Invoice" will download a PDF file with all the data you entered into your default download location set in the browser you are using. Generated invoices are not saved within the Track app.

If you want to cancel the process and go back to the Summary Report simply click on "Go a step back".

Quick walkthrough video of generating an invoice

NOTE: Invoices created by users on the Free plan will have the Toggl logo on the downloaded PDF file. To remove the logo and include your own, you need to be on a paid plan.

Invoice Management page & Invoice Access Rights

Clicking on "Invoices" in the main sidebar will take you to the Invoice page. On this page you'll be able to:

Access Rights

  • All workspace users can create invoices

  • All workspace users can view and delete their own invoices on the Invoice page

  • Workspace Admins, Team Leads and Project Leads can view invoices created by other workspace members

  • Workspace Admins and Project Leads can delete invoices created by other workspace members

  • Workspace Admins can send invoices to QuickBooks (Starter feature)

Important note: Team Lead and Project Lead roles are only available on the Premium plan.

Invoice management page

Need more help or have suggestions for improvements? Contact our support team via chat using the purple chat button in the bottom-right corner.

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