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Why don't my Summary Report's billable amounts match the total?
Why don't my Summary Report's billable amounts match the total?

If you're using our billable rates feature and see a mismatch, here's why

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In some cases, you'll generate a Summary Report that lists billable amounts that don't match up with the total. This is because Toggl Track always rounds up amounts to two decimal places.

Here's an example: We have six Projects. Each Project has an hourly rate of €100, and a total tracked time of 1 minute each.

When billable amounts are computed, hourly rates are converted into cents. So €100/hour becomes ¢10,000/hour.

Each Project is thus worth ¢166.6666667, or €1.6666667:

1 minute = 0.01666667 hours
0.01666667 hours x ¢10,000 = ¢166.6666667
¢166.6666667 ÷ 100 = €1.6666667

Like on any other service that displays money values, the billable amounts are rounded to two decimal places. So on the Summary Report, the Projects would be listed like so:

How Toggl Track Rounds Data

When the total amount on the right side of the Summary Report is generated, the set of unrounded ¢166.6666667... values for each Project are summed up for accuracy. 

¢166.6666667 +
¢166.6666667 +
¢166.6666667 +
¢166.6666667 +
¢166.6666667 +
¢166.6666667 =
1,000 ÷ 100 = €10

However, manually summing up the values displayed in the Summary Report would result in €10.02. This is because you're adding items that have already been rounded up.

If you still have questions about the billable totals in your report, please contact our Support team by clicking on the purple chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page to start a chat or search our knowledge base.

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