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Billable rates

Setting billable rates on workspaces, projects and project user levels

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Billable Rates is a Starter plan feature. The rates are applied to time entry duration allowing you to see how much you would bill for each particular job.

Managing Billable Rates

Toggl Track supports adding billable rates at five levels:

You can manage and view rates easily by clicking on Settings in the navigation bar and then going to the Rates and Costs Settings.

Here you can:

  • Decide if new projects are billable or non-billable by default

  • Set a Workspace billable rate

  • Set a default currency for the workspace

You can also see all Workspace Members, and adjust their billable rate and cost rate in the same area. This section is searchable, and also allows you to filter our workspace members who do not have custom hourly rates defined for them.

See a searchable list of all your Projects, and click on one to go to the Projects Team page where you can edit the Project Member billable and cost rates. Click Edit Project button to change the Project's billable rate.

Important notes

  • The system will always apply the most granular rate. If a project user creates a time entry and there is a billable rate set for that user in the same project - the project user rate will be applied. 

  • Billable rates can't be defined for a specific time entry.

Workspace rate

The workspace billable rate is used as your default billable rate unless you add a workspace member, project or project member rate.

  • The overall Workspace Billable Rate and currency can also be set on your Workspace Settings page.

  • On Workspace Settings page you can also determine who can see Billable Rates – everyone or only admins.

  • Billable Rate and currency can only be edited by the Workspace administrator.

Workspace member rate

  • Workspace user rates can also be specified from the Organization > Workspace > Select Workspace > Members page. Add the billable rate and labor cost in the columns for them by clicking the field to edit it.

  • Workspace overall currency applies to the Team Member Rate as well.

  • If you’re on Premium or Enterprise plan, you can also insert Labor Cost. 

Workspace user rates

Project and project member rate

  • Project rates are accessible via Projects Edit popup.

  • Project-specific Billable Rates can be specified within each project separately.

  • Project Managers can see these rates unless on the Workspace Settings page, you have set "Who can see Billable Rates" to Admins only.

  • Type in project’s hourly rate and/or a team member specific hourly rate on the Team tab.

  • Workspace overall currency applies to the Project Rate as well. However, in the Project popup, you can select which currency you prefer for selected Project.

  • Team member specific hourly rate can be done via Team's tab on the Projects page. These cannot be added on Public Projects, only Private Projects. 

Task-level billable rate

A billable rate per Task can be added via the Projects > Task tab on any billable project. Task level billable rate is the most granular billable rate available in Toggl Track. To edit the task-level billable rate, hover over the rate and click “Change billable rate.”

Task-level billable rates cannot be added to non-billable projects.

Viewing billable data 

Billable totals, amounts and charts will be consistently displayed in Reports. For example, here's a screenshot from a typical Summary report. 

 You can use the dropdown next to the Rounding button to show or hide rates as needed. 

Important tips and notes

  • On our Premium and Enterprise plans you can update billable rates without changing past reports and build accurate historical reports. On the Starter plan, updating billable rates will update them for all past data.

  • If you're unsure which rate is being applied to a time entry, expand the grouping in the Summary report.  

  • Workspace administrators are able to see and edit every team member’s hourly rate.

  • Project managers are able to see and edit those team members’ hourly rates who belong to the project that they are managing unless on the Workspace Settings page, you have set "Who can see Billable Rates" to Admins only.

  • Regular users are not able to see or edit any team member’s hourly rates that have been set in that workspace.

  • Billable rates on Reports are only visible to Admins unless the Workspace Setting "Who can see Billable Rates" is set to Everyone.

Need more help in understanding how Billable Rates work? Contact our support team via chat using the purple chat button in the bottom-right corner.

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