You can control who can view which data in your organization and its workspaces by providing different users with different access to your data.

In Toggl Track, there are four basic user access levels:

  • Members with regular user rights

  • Project managers

  • Workspace admins

  • Organization admins

When inviting members to an Organization, you can choose which workspace to add them to, and also whether you want to make them a member or an admin in that workspace.

Regular Users

A regular user can:

  • Track time under projects they are members of

  • Track time to and view reports on public projects

  • View reports of their own tracked time

  • Add projects and clients (unless the workspace administrator has disabled this option on the Workspace Settings page) (Starter plan required)

  • Add tags

Project Managers

The user who creates a project is automatically the manager of that project. A project can have more than just one manager. Project managers can be set and changed on the project edit page. You can read more about assigning this role here.

A project manager can:

  • Do everything a regular user can do

  • Edit the project(s) they are the manager of

  • See all the time that is tracked under the project(s) they are the manager of

  • See and edit the project members’ hourly rates

  • View the Project Dashboard for projects they manage 

Giving project manager privileges

  • Open the Projects page and click on the project for which you want to assign a project manager. 

  • Click on the "Team" tab.

  • Hover over a User in the role field and click on Give manager rights. 

giving manager rights

Please note, if your Workspace Settings have "Who can see Billable Rates" set to Admin only, Project Managers cannot see or set Billable Rates.

Workspace Administrators

By default, the person who creates the workspace is the administrator of the workspace. Other administrators can be assigned while adding users to the workspace, or the Workspace Members page (Organization > Workspaces > Choose Workspace > Member).

Hover in the access column next to the user you need to assign admin rights to, and click on the field to assign rights.

A workspace administrator can:

  • Do everything a project manager can do

  • Change workspace settings

  • Import CSV files

  • Edit all projects and clients

  • Edit team members' billable rate 

  • See, edit and delete all time entries in the workspace (includes time tracked by other members)

  • Decide who can create projects and see billable rates

  • Create public projects

  • Create and edit tasks in public projects

  • View the Project Dashboard for all projects

Some visibility is controlled by settings on the Workspace Settings page. See this guide for more details.

Organization Administrators

The user who creates the Organization is automatically an Organization admin. Other administrators can be assigned via the Organization > Team page by clicking the 3-dot control > click Edit > change Organization access.

An organization admin can:

  • Do everything a workspace admin can do,

  • Add/remove organization users

  • Add/remove and manage user groups

  • Review organization settings

  • Manage the organization subscription.

User Groups

User groups can be created from the Groups tab under the Organization tab. Their purpose is to make managing larger teams/workspaces easier. Instead of adding each individual team member to every project, you can create a user group instead and add the group to the project, report filter or workspace.

User groups are also useful when new members join the team. Instead of adding them to all the projects or workspaces, you simply assign them to the relevant user group. 

Project privacy settings

There are two types of projects – Public and Private. Admins are the only ones who can create public projects, non-admins can only create private projects. By default, all projects are Private.

Public projects

  • Accessible to all workspace users

  • All workspace users can participate (track time)

  • All users are able to view every single time entry tracked under public projects

  • Only admins can add or edit tasks within a public project

  • Admins can make a project public by un-ticking the "Private Project" box in the project creation window

Private projects

  • Only accessible to project members

  • Members can only see their own tracked time

  • Project managers can view all time tracked under private projects

  • Workspace admins can view, and edit, all time tracked under private projects 

An existing project can be switched between Public/Private from the project edit page.

Need further help in understanding how to control user access in your workspace? Contact our support team via chat or email.

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