The Project Dashboard is available for Premium organizations and is only visible to project managers, workspace administrators and organization administrators. If you need help with understanding user access rights, please click here

Access the Project Dashboard from the Project Edit page. If you have the appropriate access rights you should see three tabs on the Project Edit page, one of which will be the Dashboard tab.

Project Dashboard

To use the full potential of the Project Dashboard it's best to set up a Project Time Estimate; manual, or task-based. The Project Dashboard will show a forecast for project completion based on the project estimate and the hours that have been clocked for that project so far: 

Add Estimate

The project forecast chart will display 4 different colored lines:

  • Forecast line (gray): shows a prediction of hours tracked in the future based on historical time tracking data for the project you are viewing

  • Completed hours line (blue): shows time tracked thus far for the project you are viewing

  • Estimated hours line (purple, dashed): shows the project time estimate

  • Completion dateline (green): represents a predicted project completion date at the point where total forecasted hours meet the project time estimate. 

Just below the Project Forecast chart, you will see a bar chart and a pie chart representation of current data containing total clocked hours, billable hours, and remaining hours (based on the project estimate).

Clocked Hours

Hovering your mouse over a bar in the bar chart or over the pie chart will show additional info for that specific section. The same applies for the Project Forecast chart, you can hover your mouse over any point in time within the chart over the lines and get additional data: 

Project Forecast

Need further help with the Project Dashboard? Feel free to contact our support team!

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