Project time estimates

Set a goal for how long your Projects should take to complete and track its progress

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Set up custom hourly time estimates for your Projects or Tasks and monitor actual hours vs the estimate. Essentially this provides a budget of time for your projects. When paired with "Alerts", you can trigger emails to relevant users based on hours tracked.

Project Time Estimates is a Starter plan feature.

Estimates can be set while creating or editing Projects. Click Create New Project, or Edit Project then scroll to the Time Estimate section.

Set time estimate

You can choose to enter an overall estimate for the whole project or enable Task-based estimates.

Task-based Estimation

If you have set a Task-based Estimate, you can set an estimate per Task in the Project. Open the Project and go to the Tasks tab. Here you can hover over the Estimate column to add or edit an estimate.

Each task will show you the actual hours logged against its estimate.


  • You can enter an estimate of up to 100.000h for individual tasks.

  • The limit for the cumulative sum of all tasks on a project is 596.523h.

Manual Estimation

To set a manual estimation:

  • Locate the project you'd like to set the estimate for on the Projects page.

  • Open up Project and click "Edit Project" at the top right-hand corner

  • Type your estimate of hours into the "Estimate (h)" field

  • Click "Save"

You will now see the remaining hours on the right under "Project Overview".

Tracking progress of your projects:

  • The overall number of tracked hours per Project can be viewed in the Status column on the Projects page.

  • If you’ve set Project Time Estimates, you can also view the status of your progress.

  • Project Time Estimates lets you view whether you’re over on hours or on-target based on the estimate you set.

  • If you’ve exceeded the time estimate, the actual time tracked will turn red.

Please note that these hours are only displayed in whole numbers as a reference point. To see exact time logged, please go to Reports.

To see the progress of your Project as a whole, including Tasks, click the pie chart to open the Project Dashboard.


  • Use Alerts to make following Project Time Estimates easier to keep track of.

Need more help with Project Time Estimates? Do reach out to our Support team via chat by clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner of this page.

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