Alerts will help you keep track of progress in your projects

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Alerts are a starter plan feature that helps you track your Project Time Estimates. Using this feature you will be alerted when your projects that have a time estimate reach a certain percentage of that estimate. 

Setting Up Alerts

Alerts can be set up from the Workspace Settings Alerts tab via the Toggl Track web app. On this page, you can select when your alerts will be triggered and who should be alerted. Only Admins can set Alerts.

To set an Alert, click on the New Alert button on the top right of the screen. 

Alerts can be: 

  • Based on a time estimate (all paid plans) or a fixed fee (Premium plan only)

  • For a specific Project, any project or (for time estimates, any Task)

  • Based on the percentage of completeness (50%, 75%, 80%, 90%, 100% or 150%) 

  • Be sent to the Workspace Admin, Project Manager or Team Members (Project Members), as well as User Groups or specific users.

  • Sent to the Workspace Admin on Public projects.

Once you've set up the rules, click the Create Alert button on the popup to save it. You can set up as many rules for triggering Alerts as you wish.  

Alerts cannot be triggered for projects/tasks that are already past the threshold being set. They are only sent when a new time entry causes the threshold to be crossed. For example, if you set an alert for a project for when it reaches 50% of its estimate, and a project exists that has already hit that 50%, no alert will be triggered for that specific project.

Important Notes:

Due to some recent changes, existing alerts will only trigger for Private Projects with and without manual estimation.

New alerts will be triggered for:

  • Private projects with manual and task based estimate

  • Public projects

Viewing and Removing Alerts

Alerts are displayed in a list on the Workspace Settings page under the "Alerts" tab, as seen on the screenshot below.

You can delete any alert you wish by clicking on the small down-arrow sign on the left side of an alert, this will show you an option to delete that specific alert: 

Need further help with setting up Alerts for your team? Contact our team via chat or email.

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