To access the settings page for your default workspace click on the "Settings" button in the left sidebar. Alternatively, click here.

Note: Workspace settings page is only accessible to administrators.

The options you see on the Workspace settings page differ greatly depending on which payment plan your workspace is on. For instance, on the Free plan you'll only have two options, changing the workspace name and controlling who can see the Team Activity tab.

Most options on the Workspace settings page are related to features explained in dedicated articles listed here:

The only exception is changing the logo and expanding/collapsing the Others category on the Summary Report, which are both explained below.

Add your logo by clicking on the logo icon. The image you upload will be automatically embedded into all your PDF exports. Adding a logo requires a paid subscription

logo selection

In Free workspaces, a Toggl Track logo will be displayed in PDF exports. 

Unsupported image types

  • Transparent images. Your image should have a solid background. If you're experiencing problems even with a solid background make sure the image is saved as PNG 24 and uncheck the “convert to sRGB” checkbox in Photoshop “Save for Web” dialog.

  • Grayscale images. If your logo is black and white simply add a single colored pixel/dot inside the image and it should start displaying correctly.

Collapse/Expand Others Category

The Summary Report has the option to put entries that take less than than 5% of the first and 1% of the second pie chart in the "Other" category. From the Settings page, you can switch this option on and off for the PDF export.

Expand Collapse Others Category

Should you need help managing your workspace settings, do reach out to our support team via email or chat. 

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