Tracking targets with reminders can be set up in Enterprise and Premium plans. Open this article for upgrading details.

Setting up the reminders

  • Go to Workspace Settings.
  • Select the Reminders tab.
  • Specify the target number of hours for your team members to track, either per week or per day. Then click ‘Add’:

When team members don’t reach their target, we will email them automatically – either the next day or the first day of the next week (depending on the frequency you’ve set).

Viewing the targets

Workspace admins can see all targets set up for everyone from the Reminders tab. They are the only ones who can create or delete the reminders (as only they have access to Workspace settings).

All users can view the targets they’ve been set by accessing their Profile Settings:

Tips and suggestions

  • The "Add" button will only go green after you’ve specified both Team and number of hours – targets can’t be added without those parameters.
  • You can add multiple reminders for one team member (e.g. 6 hours per day and 37 hours per week).
  • Allocate your team to User groups so you can choose the whole group instead of selecting Users one by one.


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