Upgrading to a paid plan

Becoming a customer and paying for Toggl Track

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Signing up for a paid plan and managing your subscription happens on the Subscription page (in the Toggl Track web app). You can access it anytime by clicking "Subscription" in the left-side menu.

Starting a new subscription

  • Click on the "Premium Trial banner" at the top of your screen or open the All Plans page.

  • Choose between Annual and Monthly billing.

  • Choose the plan you wish to upgrade to.

  • Enter your Credit Card and Billing information and click "Subscribe." If you have a Promotion Code, you can enter it on the left side of the screen.

Once your subscription is complete, please go to Subscriptions and click Manage Billing. On the next screen, click Update Information to add your full billing address for invoices and a VAT number to avoid being billed VAT.

Important notes

  • We charge VAT for all customers within the EU.
    If you have a valid VAT ID number, please add it to your workspace. You can do this from the Subscription page by clicking Manage Billing and then Update Information on the next screen.

  • VAT numbers should include the 2-letter country code before the number. For example - GB123456789

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