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Basic information on Toggl Track pricing
Basic information on Toggl Track pricing

Info regarding our subscriptions and per user pricing. Includes tips on how to calculate your Toggl Track fee

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Most online companies have a payment system configured to best complement the tool or service they provide. Ours is no different.

The two most important concepts of Toggl Track pricing:

  • Subscriptions are tied to the organization, not the user who started them. In other words, they are organization-specific and not user-specific.

  • You are charged for every user of the organization, regardless of their privileges within the organization.

Subscriptions are tied to organizations to allow a single person (e.g., a business owner) to pay for everyone on their team.
Linking subscriptions to individual users means each user must perform the upgrade themselves.

Open the Introduction to Organization article for more details on organizations and how to manage them.

Knowing how much you need to pay for Toggl Track

Calculating the monthly or yearly Toggl Track fee is pretty straightforward. You multiply the base per user/month price by the number of active users in your organization.

To see how many active users you have, click on organization and then go to the Team tab. This information is also visible on the Subscription page.

Please note that there are no free seats with the paid plans; each active user is paid for.

An active user is any user listed under the "Active" tab on the Team page. Whether they are actively using the service isn't a factor. You will not be charged for users listed under the Inactive tab on the Team page.

The base per user/month price is fixed and only changes if your organization has a discount.
We only allow payments in EUR and USD.
European customers can pay in EUR, whereas customers from elsewhere are billed in USD.

  • Starter Monthly: 10 USD/EUR

  • Starter Annual: 9 USD/EUR

  • Premium Monthly: 20 USD/EUR

  • Premium Annual: 18 USD/EUR

To calculate the annual fee, multiply the usual monthly cost by 12.

If you still have questions about pricing, please contact our Support team by clicking on the purple chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page to start a chat.

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