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Use the Profile page to change your email address, delete your account, select a different time zone, manage account preferences, and more

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User account settings are accessible from the Profile page. To access the page click on your Profile icon in the lower-left corner of the Toggl Track toolbar.

Profile Picture 

Make your Toggl Track profile stand out by uploading your own profile picture on the My Profile page. Click on the camera icon to upload a new image, or choose the Gravatar option to use the Gravatar profile picture that is attached to your email (if available).

Personal Details and Preferences

This section shows your shared settings across Toggl Track and Toggl Plan. This includes:

  • Full Name

  • Email Address

  • Reports Timezone

  • Google & Apple Sign in

  • Password

Click Account Settings to edit these, although Reports Timezone can also be changed from the page you're on.

Email Preferences

  • Untick the "Toggl Track can sent newsletters by email" if you wish to unsubscribe from Track marketing emails. Please be aware that deselecting this option will not halt all emails. Certain communications, such as those related to payments, will continue to be sent.

  • Tick the "Weekly overview of tracked time" box to enable an automated email that is sent every first day of the week. This feature respects the "First day of the week" option you set on the Profile page.

  • Enable the long-running email notification if you want to be reminded about timers that have been running for over 8 hours.

Timer Page

This section allows you to control how the Timer page behaves.

Timer Settings
  • Group similar time entries will bundle together entries with the same project & description created on the same day. They will appear as one entry in List-view on the Timer page.

  • Show running time in the title bar of your browser controls the running timer notification in your browser tab. We suggest turning this off if you have a hearing accessibility tool enabled.

  • Allow using @ shortcut to assign a Project in the Timer Description field

  • Allow using # shortcut to assign a Tag in the Timer Description field


  • Group similar time entries
    The option to group similar entries in Detailed Reports can be turned on or off here.

Time and Date Settings

Reports Time Zone

This setting affects the behavior in Reports. The Timer page works by using your device's (phone/computer) time. We suggest keeping these in sync. 

A mismatch between your machine time and the Profile page timezone could lead to these problems:

  • Upon saving a time entry, the start or stop time could move back or forward for a few hours

  • A new time entry is saved under a different day than the one you wanted

Other time & date settings

  • Time and date format: Affects how time and date are displayed in all Toggl Track apps. Switch between am/pm or 24-hour format, or change date formatting as needed.

  • Duration display format: Select how durations are displayed in Toggl Track apps. Due to UI limitations in some apps, we recommend avoiding the "Classic" option. 

  • First day of the week: Tweaking this setting will change the calendars in Toggl Track as well as the day on which your Weekly Overview Email is sent. 

Beta Tester Program

From the Profile page you can opt-in to a program that will give you early access to all new features being introduced to the Toggl Track webapp. Click on the pink "Enable beta features" button to get started. 

API Token

Your API token can be found, and reset, on this page. More information on your API Token can be found here.

Closing Your Account

To close your Toggl Track account: 

  1. Scroll to the Account Options section.

  2. Answer a quick question and leave some feedback (if you'd like) on why you're leaving, then select "Close Account". Your Toggl Track account will then be closed. 

  3. Can't close the account? Open the "How to close my account" article, it contains details on limitations that prevent an account from being closed. 

Need help with something? Reach out to our support team via the chat button in the bottom right corner.

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