Our List-view shows your time entries (grouped or ungrouped based on your settings) so you can bulk edit them if required. You can also see useful visualization of where your time has been spent.

To see your time entries in list-view, switch to this view on the Timer page.

Timer Views

Edit, Bulk Edit, Split, Duplicate and Delete Time Entries

  • To edit an entry, click on the relevant field and insert your changes

  • To duplicate a time entry, click on the 3-dot control on the right side and choose "Duplicate".

  • To split a time entry into two, use the 3-dot control on the right side and choose Split and then choose how you'd like the time entries to be split on the popup. This is a Starter plan feature. Only time entries over 10 minutes long can be split.

  • To delete a time entry, hover over it and click on the three dots icon on the right side. Choose "Delete" in the menu that pops up.

Bulk Edit and Delete functions appear after you click on the list icon to the right of each date on a time entry.

  • To Bulk Edit time entries, check the entries you wish to change by using the checkboxes next to each time entry, click the Bulk Edit heading next to the day title and make your changes on the overlay

  • To use Bulk Edit to delete entries: check the time entries you wish to remove and select Delete in the day header area.

  • Deleting multiple time entries is limited to one day's worth of time entries at a time on the Timer page.

Grouping and Ungrouping Time Entries

When grouping is turned on, time entries that share the same details (date, description, task, project, client, tags, etc) are displayed as a single time entry. Editing the group will edit each individual time entry in the group.

Turning Grouped Mode on or off:

  1. Open the Profile page.

  2. Check or uncheck the "Group similar time entries" option under the "Timer page" section.

If you still have any questions about List-view, feel free to contact our Support team via email or by clicking on the blue icon in the bottom right corner of this page.

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