Create shortcuts to your most-used time entries by adding them to the Favorites bar.

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Set up your favorite time entries and quickly start them with one click on the Timer page on the webapp. The Favorites bar isn't available on the Toggl Free plan, it requires a Starter or Premium subscription to access it.

Favorites Bar

Creating Favorites

You can create Favorites from all Timer page views: List-view, Weekly Calendar and, Daily Calendar. They can also be created from a running time entry.

On List-view, use the 3-dot control next to any existing time entry to Add a time entry to Favorites.

Please note: You can add a maximum of 10 Favorite time entries.

Creating Favorites

On both Calendar views (Weekly and Daily), click on an existing time entry and use the 3-dot control on the popup to add the time entry to your Favorites.

Creating Favorites on the Calendar

To create a Favorite from a running Time Entry, use the 3-dot control next to the Running Timer and choose "Add to Favorites".

Add Favorite from running timer

Public Favorites

Workspace Admins who would like to share a Favorite with the rest of their workspace members, can do so by setting the Favorite to Public. To do so, just hover on the Favorite in the Favorite bar, and click on the Public switch. The Favorite will then appear for every team member in the workspace.

Turning a Favorite to public

Using Favorites

To start a time entry from a Favorite, simply click the Favorite time entry in the bar.

Start timer from Favorites Bar

We display the most micro-level detail for each Favorite's label.

  • If you only have a Project entered for the time entry, we will show the Project name.

  • If you have a Project and Task entered, we will show Task name.

  • If you have project, Task and Description entered, we will display the Description.

To start a Favorite via the keyboard, just press the number that corresponds with the Favorites position on the bar. For example, in the example above, pressing 1 will start a time entry for Responding to Client Emails. Favorites can be re-ordered by dragging and dropping them to their desired locations.

Click on a Favorite in Manual mode to create a new time entry with the same details. Enter a start and end time as needed to it and click on the checkmark to save the time entry.

Deleting Favorites

To delete a Favorite time entry, hover over it on the Favorites bar and click Delete.

Delete Favorite


  • If the chosen Favorite time entry has a Project and Task, the app will display the Task name instead of the Project.

  • To create a Favorite from a Time Entry, it must have either a description or a Project.

  • You can add a maximum of 10 Favorite time entries.

  • Favorites are also available in the Toggl Track Android app, and will be synced between the Android app and webapp.

Need any further help? Feel free to contact Support via chat, or email.

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