Our Calendar view allows you to easily see what you did all week in one view. On this view, you can look for gaps in your day, and add or edit time entries. You can also easily see how much time you logged for each day.

To see your time entries in Calendar view, switch to either the "Weekly calendar" or "Daily calendar" view on the Timer page.

Timer Views

Similar to List view, the calendar views display your time entries across all organizations. Use the Date Picker at the top of the page to scroll through weeks/days.

Please note: You can only see time entries up to 90 days in the past. To see time entries prior to that, please use Reports.

Click on the Zoom buttons under the Date Picker to zoom in and out. Clicking on the tiny calendar icon next to the Date Picker will take you to Today. You can perform the same task by hitting the T key on your keyboard.

Each time entry is shown as a colored block (using selected project colors) on the calendar, and shows the time entry description and start and end time on it. You can click on it to edit the Time Entry, or click anywhere on the screen to create a new one.

The Calendar view also shows you a “current time” indicator in the form of a red horizontal line. 

External events from Google Calendar can also be imported into our web app calendar. You can connect an external calendar to your account from Calendar-view. Here's more on this.

Add External Calendars

Add Time Entries

To add a time entry, click anywhere on the calendar and a popup will appear where you can add time entry details. The start and end time fields will both be populated with the same time, based on where you clicked on the calendar. 

You can also click and drag on the screen to create a larger time entry, and we will pre-populate the start and end times based on this. 

While creating a time entry you can enter: 

  • Description 

  • Project (and Task) 

  • Tags

  • Choose whether it is billable or not.

  • Start and End Time

  • Duration

Click Add when you're done to save the time entry.


Editing Time Entries 

Time Entries can be continued, duplicated, edited, or deleted via the popup that opens when you click on them. You can also drag and drop entries to another slot in the calendar. 

You can click on any field in the popup to edit it.

Interact with Time Entries

For drag and drop, just hold down your left-mouse button and drag the time entry wherever you need it, you can also drag the top and bottom of the entry to edit the start and edit time. 

Useful Information: 

  • To change the first day of the week, please go to the Profile Settings page. 

  • If your Admin has enabled the “lock time entries” feature, you will see time entries with a padlock on them. These time entries cannot be edited, nor can new time entries be added to this locked time period. Read more here

  • If your Admin has set “required fields” for each time entry, you will be unable to save a time entry without all the necessary fields filled. The popup will prompt you if you miss something out. Read more here

  • Very short time entries will not display any details in the box, however, you can use zoom to make the time entry larger, or click on it to view more details.

  • On the highest zoom-view, clicking and dragging the will expand the time entry in 10 minute increments, whereas on the other two zoom-views, this will be 5 minute increments.

Thanks for trying out our Calendar view! Do let us know if you have feedback by reaching out to our support team via chat or email.

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