Required fields for time entries

Prevent team members from submitting incomplete time entries

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This feature is available in Enterprise and Premium plans. See prices and upgrade on your Subscription page.

Turning on the feature

This function will ensure that time entries have a mandatory minimum amount of information assigned to them, helping you keep them organized and reviewable in your reports.

On the Workspace Settings page, administrators can define which fields on a time entry are mandatory in that Workspace.

required fields setup

What happens when required fields are on?

  • The setting applies to everyone in the Workspace, regardless of their access level.

  • The limitation will be active in all Toggl Track apps, not just the web app.

  • Time entries can be started without defined fields but can only be stopped once the required fields are filled. The timer will keep running, and an error will appear, telling the user what is missing.

  • The feature affects the Manual timer as well. Manual time entries must have the required fields to be created.

  • Past entries can’t be modified unless they adhere to the required format.

Need help setting up Required Fields for time entries? Our Support team is here to help! Contact us via chat or email with your questions!

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