This feature can be used in Enterprise and Premium plans. See prices and upgrade on your Subscription page.

Turning on the feature

This function will ensure that time entries have a mandatory minimum amount of information assigned to them, helping you keep them organized and reviewable in your reports.

On the Workspace Settings page, administrators can define which fields on a time entry are mandatory in that workspace. 

What happens when required fields are on? 

  • The setting applies to everyone in the Workspace, regardless of their access level. 
  • The limitation will be active in all Toggl apps, not just the web app. 
  • Time entries can be started without any fields defined, but they cannot be stopped until the required fields are filled. The timer will keep running and user will be shown a message telling them what is missing.
  • The feature affects the Manual timer as well. Manual time entries without required fields cannot be created.
  • Past entries can’t be modified unless they, too, adhere to the required format.
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