These shortcuts are available only on the Timer page and will only work when you are not editing any fields (i.e. when your cursor is not active).

Shortcut list:

  • S = stops the current running time entry.

  • N = switches to the timer mode to create a new time entry & starts the timer.

  • M = switches to manual mode to create a new time entry.

  • C = continues the last time entry.

For our desktop apps, use Ctrl before the shortcuts for Windows and Cmd for Mac. Here are some available keyboard shortcuts for our desktop apps:

  • N = Creates a new time entry.

  • D = Switches app between Manual and Timer mode.

For more shortcuts, read our guides on the MacOS and Windows apps.

Need more help or have suggestions for improvements to shortcuts? Reach out to our support team via chat or email to let us know!

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