Toggl Track supports a variety of keyboard shortcuts for our webapp, browser extension and desktop apps.

Webapp Keyboard Shortcuts

Webapp shortcuts are available only on the Timer page and will only work when you are not editing any fields (i.e. when your cursor is not active), with the exception of @ and # which can be used in the description field.

  • S = stops the current running time entry.

  • N = switches to the timer mode to create a new time entry & starts the timer.

  • M = switches to manual mode to create a new time entry.

  • C = continues the last time entry.

  • 1, 2, 3, 4... = Starts the Favorite time entry in the Favorites bar that corresponds with the number

While entering a description, typing @ will pull up the Project dropdown and # will open the Tags dropdown. This feature can be disabled on the Profile page.

Browser Extension Keyboard Shortcuts

Our browser extension - available for Chrome and Firefox - also supports keyboard shortcuts and can be further customized to support more.

  • Use Ctrl + Shift + E to create a new time entry.

Extension keyboard shortcuts can be customized in the following places:

Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts

For our desktop apps, use Ctrl before the shortcuts for Windows/Linux and Cmd for Mac.

Here are some available keyboard shortcuts for our desktop apps:

  • N = Creates a new time entry.

  • S = Stops a running time entry

  • O = Continues a previous time entry

  • E = Open running entry in edit popup. This can also be used to immediately edit an Entry created with Ctrl/Cmd-N.

On our Windows and macOS apps, D = Switches app between Manual and Timer mode.

While entering a description, you can use @ to enter Projects and # to enter tags on our macOS desktop app. This functionality is not available in the Windows or Linux desktop apps.

For more OS-specific shortcuts, read our guides on the macOS, Windows and Linux apps.

Need more help or have suggestions for improvements to shortcuts? Reach out to our support team via chat or email to let us know!

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