Once an account is closed the email address is released and can be used for creating a new Toggl Track account. Of course, the previous data won't be in any way associated with the new account.

If you want to completely erase all you Toggl Track data an additional request is necessary. Visit the data erasure article for more information.

Steps to close the account

  1. Open the Profile page

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen

  3. Select “Close account”

The account cannot be closed if

  • You're an owner in a team workspace.
    Solution: Switch ownership to a different admin. Here is how you can do this

  • You're an admin in a team workspace and there are no other admins.
    Solution: Give someone else admin privileges. This can be done from the Team page.

  • You're the subscribing user of a team workspace.
    Solution: Instruct one of the other admins to update the payment details and thus become the new subscribing user.

Note: Users who are alone in the workspace can always delete their account. This means that another way to resolve the three problems above is to just remove everyone else from the workspace. That can be done from the Team page

Still need help with closing your account? Reach out to our support team

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