Workspace owners control the data associated with their workspace. 

What is the purpose of workspace owners? 

In general, there are two types of data in Toggl Track: 

  • User data which belongs to each individual user account
  • Workspace data which belongs to the workspace owner

User data refers to data such as username, email, location, connected workspaces, and other account-specific data. 

Workspace data refers to all data related to the subscription, time entries, projects, clients, tags and tasks created within a workspace. Legally speaking, all the data in a workspace belongs to that workspace and is controlled by the workspace owner

A practical example here would be if you were to leave or be deactivated from a workspace, all the data you created within that workspace will no longer be available to you, it remains within the workspace and is controlled by the workspace owner. 

How does a user become the workspace owner?

When a workspace is created, the user who created it becomes the workspace owner by default. While a single user can be the owner in multiple workspaces, each workspace will have only one owner. 

A workspace always has an owner, the owner is always an administrator in the workspace and can not be removed or deactivated until the ownership is transferred to another member of the workspace with admin access rights. 

How to transfer workspace ownership to another user in the workspace?

The request for a change of ownership can be done via our web app. As admins are the only ones who can make the request, this option is available in Workspace Settings.

  1. Visit the Workspace Settings page, and scroll to the bottom.  
  2. Select which one of the admins should be the new owner.
  3. Send the request.

You can cancel the request at any time and you can also check the page to see if the request is still ongoing.

Both old owner and a potential new owner will receive an in-app notification where they can either accept or decline the request. Once both parties accept it, the ownership is transferred.

If you run into any issues, feel free to reach out to directly.

How do I know who is the current workspace owner?

The current workspace owner can be identified on the Team page, under the Access column. 

If the logged-in user is not the owner, they can also see the current owner's name on the Workspace Owner area under Settings. 

Need more help? Contact our Support team via email or by clicking on the blue icon in the bottom right corner of this page. 

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