Toggl Track supports adding multiple Workspaces under one Organization. Designed to help managers keep track of various departments in a large business, a multi-workspace Organization has many benefits.

What is a multi-workspace Organization?

Each Toggl Track account can have many Organizations, but each Organization typically only has one workspace under it. With a multi-workspace Organization, you can create multiple workspaces under one Organization.

What are the benefits?

More control over subscription

Since subscriptions are at the Organization level, an Organization admin can control all the subscription and billing-related details for all Workspaces. This means less work since every workspace does not have to handle its payments.

Improved user management

Allow human resources to add and remove users from the Organization level without needing each workspace to handle it independently. Onboard new hires faster and remove ex-employees in a few clicks.

Lowered costs

Subscriptions are charged per user, and on multi-workspace setups, you can save money by not needing to pay separately for each workspace the user belongs to. Once added to the Organization, the user is billed for once - as part of that Organization - no matter how many workspaces they belong to under that Organization.

Keep data siloed in workspaces.

Centralizing user management and subscription does not mean you lose the benefit of workspaces, i.e., data is siloed off from other workspaces. Only users with access will be able to see data in a workspace, so each department can continue to track time independently.

Flexible data structures

Do all your departments have their own data structures for managing projects and tracking time? With a multi-workspace setup, they can easily do so without causing confusion across the business as each workspace can be setup differently.

How do I enable multi-workspace for my Organization?

Interested in enabling multi-workspace? Contact our Support team via the chat button in the bottom right corner for more information.

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