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Introduction to Workspaces
Introduction to Workspaces

Details on why we have workspaces, how to manage them and what to do when you can't leave a workspace

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What is a Workspace?

Everything you do in Toggl Track gets allocated to a workspace: time entries, projects, clients, and tags. Each workspace belongs to an organization. Multiple workspaces per Organization are available for Enterprise pricing only.

A single Toggl Track user can be associated with multiple paid and free organizations and workspaces. 

The only section/page in Toggl Track that displays data from multiple organizations/workspaces is the Timer page. All other pages will display only the data for the organization/workspace you're currently viewing. 

Switching and creating workspaces

Switching between workspaces (and organizations in the process)

You can switch workspaces by clicking the workspace selector in the top-left corner of the app where the name of the currently selected (default) Organizaiton and Workspace is shown. In the example below, the default Organization name is "Bela Agency" and the GIF shows switching to the "Bella development services" organization and the corresponding workspace within.

Switching between workspaces and organizations

This selector also allows you to: 

Set/change your default workspace.

Time entries without a project are automatically assigned to the default workspace. You can select a default workspace by hovering your mouse pointer over one in the list of existing workspaces and clicking the 'Default' button next to it.

Manage workspaces

You can do that by clicking on that option at the bottom of the list of workspaces within the selected Organization

Create new organizations

By clicking on "+ New organization" in the list of existing organizations that shows up when you hover over the name of the Organization you are currently on.

Managing workspaces

Workspace settings

Access workspace settings via the Settings button.

On the settings page, you will find the following settings

  • Change the workspace name 

  • Upload a workspace logo (paid feature)

  • Manage team member rights

  • Manage the default billing setup (billable rates required, paid feature) 

  • Set time entry restrictions (paid feature)

  • Data import and export

How to leave a workspace?

You can leave any workspace from the Organization tab, simply select the corresponding workspace to leave by using the Workspace filter (see the arrow on the left in the image) and by using the 3-dot control at the end of the user row. 

Why can't I leave a workspace?

Leaving a workspace is impossible if you are the only admin in a team workspace. To leave the workspace you either need to remove all other users or provide admin access to another user.

Need more help or have suggestions for improvements? Contact our support team via chat using the purple chat button in the bottom-right corner.

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