Everything you do in Toggl Track gets allocated to a workspace: time entries, projects, clients, tags and even the subscription. When you start a subscription, the "thing" that gets upgraded is the workspace, not the user account. A single Toggl Track user can be associated with multiple paid and free workspaces. 

Since workspaces provide clear separation of data, creating a second user account will never be necessary. To separate your personal and work hours just make sure the time is tracked in their respective workspaces. 

The only section/page in Toggl Track that displays data from multiple workspaces is the Timer page. All other pages will display only the data for the workspace you're currently viewing. 

Two workspace types

  • Solo workspace. A workspace that has only one user
  • Team workspace. A workspace that contains multiple members

Switching and creating workspaces

You can switch workspaces by clicking the workspace selector in the bottom left corner of the app. This selector also allows you to: 

  • Set / change your default workspace. Time entries without a project are automatically assigned to the default workspace
  • Create new workspaces
selecting workspaces

Managing workspaces

Access workspace settings via the Settings button.

From there you can also:

How to leave a workspace?

You can leave any workspace from the Team page, by using the 3-dot control at the end of the user row. 

Leaving workspace

Leaving a workspace is impossible if:

  • You are the only admin in a team workspace. To leave the workspace you either need to remove all other users or provide admin access and transfer the ownership to another member. 
  • You are the owner in a team workspace with other admins. You will need to transfer the ownership to another admin before you can leave. 
  • You are the subscribing member. To leave, you must ask one of the other admins to enter the credit card details from the Subscription page

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