Closing an account will make your account inaccessible to you or anyone else. However, the data associated with the account won't be destroyed. Closed accounts can be restored upon request.

To destroy/erase all data associated with a user account a specific request must be made with the Toggl Support team.

Steps to erase all Toggl Track data

  1. Close your Toggl Track account. This can be completed from the Profile page. If you run into any obstacles while closing the account visit our article on How to Close a Toggl account.

  2. Send an email to Mention in the email that you would like to erase all of your Toggl Track data.

Important notes

  • Date erasure is final. This process is completely irreversible.

  • It may take up to one month for your data erasure request to be completed.

  • After we have completed the deletion, we have no record of that account on our end. Therefore, we cannot confirm if a data erasure request has been processed for a specific user in the past.

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