Track users can report on their time in various forms via our webapp. Here's a quick overview with links to detailed guides where possible.

Note: Reports are workspace-specific. Please make sure you're on the correct workspace when running a report.

Summary Report

Summary Report

The Summary Report offers an overview of time tracked. The top half of the report is a bar graph showing time entries by date, whereas the second half includes a grouped list of time entries as well as a pie chart.

With its grouping options, this report is perfect to send to clients who do not want to see the daily nitty gritty details of your time tracking, but only need a quick overview.

Switch the Others category on and off in Reports via the Workspace Settings page.

Learn more about the Summary Report here.

Detailed Report

Detailed Report

The Detailed Report includes a list of all time entries based on the chosen filters in a chronological order. Use this report to go through time entries with a fine-tooth comb using our Audit feature, or as an attachment to your client invoices.

Learn more about the Detailed Report here.

Weekly Report

Weekly Report

For a weekly overview, use the Weekly Report. This report shows hours tracked by day, split by activity. Users can also sign up to receive a personal weekly report for their hours via email on their Profile page.

Learn more about the Weekly Report here.

Access Rights

Users will see data in reports based on their permissions. Here's more on access rights, but in short:

  • Admins can see all time tracked in the workspace.

  • Project Managers can see their own time entries, entries in Public projects, as well as time entries of other users in the Projects they manage.

  • Regular Users can only see their own time entries, or time entries tracked to Public Projects.

All Toggl Track reports can be exported in CSV and PDF formats, and paid plan users have the additional option of Excel exports too. On paid plans, users can also save reports with preset filters and schedule them for email delivery.

Need more help with reporting? Contact our support team via the chat button in the bottom right corner, or email.

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