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Get an in-depth look of the tracked time. Editing time entries is also possible from here

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The Detailed Report shows each individual time entry and is a great report to review and export your time entries.

Click on the Reports tab on the left side menu and select Detailed from the top center of the screen.

Open Detailed

Date Picker

  • Allows defining a custom date range for the report.

  • The date range in the Date Picker is limited to 1 year.

Open the Selecting a date range article for more details about Date Picker's features and capabilities.


You are able to filter your data by User/Team, Client, Project, Task, Tag, Billable flag, and Description. Changes you’ve made to individual filters will be applied as soon as you click out of the filter field.

For more information on filters, open the Filtering reports article.

Note: Premium plan users can also use our Audit feature on this report to review time entries.

Data viewing and editing

  • Your data will appear as a list of editable time entries.

  • If time entry grouping is turned on, time entries with identical parameters will be grouped into one expandable row. Open the Profile page to turn this off or on.

  • Rounding (if available) must be turned off in order to make changes to time entries.

  • To edit your entry click on the field you wish to change. E.g., to edit the project, click on the existing Project label, and choose a different one from the drop-down menu that appears.

  • To delete a Time Entry, click on the three little dots next to the entry and select Delete.

  • By clicking on the date/time field, you’ll get a popup that enables you to change the date as well as the start-stop times associated with the Time Entry.

    Change Date Detailed Report
  • By clicking on the duration field, you'll be able to edit the duration of the time entry. Changing the time entry duration automatically changes the end time of the time entry.

  • All changes are saved automatically when clicking out from the field; there is no ‘Save’ button.

  • To change the way the data is sorted, click on the Date/Time heading.

Important notes

  • Project colors can’t be changed from within the Detailed report. You can make that change by editing the actual project via the Projects page.

  • Changing the time and date format can’t be done from the Detailed report. That change can be made from the Profile page.

Bulk Edit

To edit or delete several time entries at once select them (or select all) and then click on Edit selected.

Bulk editing detailed reports

On the Bulk Edit pop-up, you can add a new description, date, project or set all of those entries as billable/non-billable.

Important notes:

  • Bulk editing is limited to entries displayed on the current page (max 50 entries).

  • Bulk editing tags will replace existing tags with new ones. It will not append the new tags to the existing ones.

  • You can move time entries between workspaces by choosing a project from a different Workspace. Please note that this only works with your own time entries. Moving time entries tracked by other team members isn’t possible. For that, you'll need to use the CSV importer.

Merging Projects

The Bulk Edit feature can also be used for merging Projects. Follow these steps:

  • Use the Project filter inside Detailed Reports to select all entries from one of the Projects, preferably the smaller one. Don’t forget to adjust the Date Picker so it includes all relevant entries.

  • Using the Bulk Edit feature, assign all Time Entries to the other Project.

  • Open the Projects page and delete the empty Project.

Export, Print, and Settings

  • Click on the export icon to export data into PDF, CSV, or Excel format, depending on your organization's plan.

  • The Save Icon is for using Saved Reports; a feature available in paid plans.

  • The Rounding icon allows you to enable or disable the Rounding feature (if you’re in a paid organization).

  • The Duration format on the Profile page controls what the duration looks like in an export.

Rounding button

Need more help in understanding the Detailed Report? Our Support team is here to help! Contact us via chat or email with your questions!

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