Selecting a Date Range

Using the date picker function to expand your view of time in Toggl Track Reports and Insights.

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The "Date Picker" allows you to define the time period shown in Reports and Insights.

By default, all reports in Toggl Track will display data from This Week and Insights will display Last Week but this default can be changed in the Date Picker.

Important Note: The date range in the Reports date picker is limited to one year.

Using Preset Date Ranges

You can select a pre-determined date range, including Today, Yesterday, This Year, This Month, Last Week, Month to date, Last 12 months, etc. Just click on the date range you'd like to use.

Set Default

You can also change the default date range used by clicking on the Default option that shows next to each one as you hover over them.

To reset the date range back to the default, press the X on the date range.


First Day of the Week setting determines the first day you are shown when you use presets like This Week/Last week.

Selecting a Custom Date Range

Select a custom date by clicking on your desired start date and end date, then click elsewhere on the screen to finalise your selection. The start and end date fields can be typed into to enter a custom date range.

Reports Date Picker

Navigating between Dates

Use the left/right arrow keys to move back or forward in your date picker while maintaining your filters.

Change Months

Hiding Weekends

Visually hide the weekend days (currently, this is Saturday and Sunday in Track), from graphs and charts on Insights and in Reports. This does not impact the actual time entry totals and data shown under the charts but will remove the weekend days from all charts and graphs to provide a cleaner look.

This feature is only available on Paid plans and only for Insights, Summary Report, and Weekly Report.

Applying the setting in one area will automatically apply it in the remaining pages. This setting is applied at the user level and will not affect other users in the Organization.

If you still have questions about selecting a date range in reports, please contact our Support team by clicking on the purple chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page to start a chat.

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