The "Date Picker" allows you to define the time period shown in the Reports area. By default, all reports in Toggl Track will display data from This Week but this default can be changed in the Date Picker.

Date Picker Features and Limitations

  • Select a custom date by clicking on your desired start date and end date, then click elsewhere on the screen to finalise your selection. 

Reports Date Picker
  • Alternatively, you may also select a pre-determined date range, including This Year, This Month, Last Week, Last 12 months, etc.

  • The start and end date fields can be typed into to enter a custom date range.

  • To confirm your selection, click outside of the date picker.

  • Use the left/right arrow keys to move back or forward in your date picker while maintaining your filters.

  • The date range in the Reports date picker is limited to one year

  • Navigate between months by clicking on the left or right arrows.

Change Months
  • Set a default preset for your Reports.

Set Default

To reset the date range back to the default, press the X on the date range.


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