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What is 'Insights'?

'Insights' is a set of tools designed to give you info about data trends and the profitability of your projects and team members. The feature is available in Premium and Enterprise pricing plans.

Insights Profitability

How does 'Insights' work?

In order to calculate your team’s profitability, Insights will enable a new field in your Workspace – Labor Cost.

How do I add Labor Cost:

Labor Costs are directly associated with your team members and can be specified in two places:

  • For individual workspace members

  • For individual members of private projects

Adding Labor Cost for individual workspace members:

Adding Labor Costs for individual workspace members is done on the Workspace Members page, here's how:

  • Navigate to this page by clicking on Organization > Choose Workspace > Members tab.

  • On this page, you can add in the Labor cost for a user under the Cost column as shown in the screenshot below:

Labor Costs

Adding Labor Cost for individual project members:

  • Open a Project from the Projects page

  • Click on the “Team” tab.

  • Define Labor Cost under the 'COST' column for individual project members as shown in the screenshot below:

Set Billable and Labor Rates

Useful tip: Insights will use the Project User Labor Cost when available. If the Labor Cost isn’t set for the Project User, it will utilize the Labor Cost set on the Team page.

Viewing insights data

All of the reporting magic happens on the Insights page. To get accurate data, make sure you define the Labor Costs for your Workspace users.

Insight type

Choose the kind of insight you want to see. You can view:

  • Data trends

  • Project Profitability

  • Employee Profitability

  • Comparative analysis

The screenshot blow shows how you can choose between different views:

Insights Options

Can I export data from Insights?

If you are viewing 'Data Trends' projects can be exported in CSV and Excel format via the download button in the top right corner.

This export includes, for each Project:

  • Daily Average Variation

  • Created

  • Status

  • Project Name

  • Contributors

  • Total (hours)

  • Total Variation

  • Daily Average (hours)

What else can I export from Insights?

Any Insights report that contains tables can be exported as a CSV or Excel file. Currently, no PDF option is available. The download option can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the screen as indicated on the screenshot below:

Filtering data in Insights:

Select the Projects or Clients you want to be displayed in the report. Leaving the filter as-is will pre-select the top 10 projects.

Insights Filters

Selecting a date range in Insights:

Use the Date Picker to define the date range for your report. You can use one of the quick select options on the left side or select a date manually. To select a date manually:

  • Click on the start date

  • Scroll down and click on the end date

  • Click somewhere outside of the date picker to apply the range

The GIF below shows how selecting a date works:

Date Picker Insights

Can I view Insights data for different currencies?

All of the currencies you’ve defined in your projects will be included in this area. To make sure the contents of the report are correct, select the appropriate currency in the area highlighted in the screenshot below:

Insights Currencies

Viewing data in Insights:

Your data will be displayed both in the graph and in the table directly below it. Insights data is largely static, however, there are a few areas you can interact with.

  • Hovering over Project Income and Team Cost will highlight the relevant bar in the graph.

  • Hovering over specific points in the graph will reveal the exact cost and income on that point/day.

  • Clicking on the headers in the table (Project, Loss/Earnings, etc) will allow you to sort

    data by that heading.

The screenshot below shows an example of how your data might look like when viewing 'Project profitability' in Insights:

Insights Headers

Exporting Data from Insights

Any Insights report that contains tables can be exported as a CSV or Excel file. Currently, no PDF option is available. The download option can be found from the upper right hand corner of the screen as indicated on the screenshot below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access to Insights?

The Insights section can only be accessed by Administrators.

Who can enter labor costs?

Labor costs can only be defined and viewed by Administrators.

Can I assign Labor Costs to user groups?

No, this isn’t possible at the moment. Labor Costs must be assigned to individual team members, just like Billable rates.

Why are my earnings and losses off in Insights?

In most cases, it’s because the system isn’t applying the Billable or Labor Rate you think it’s applying. You can define Billable and Labor Rates on the project level and at the Workspace level.

If you still have questions about insights, please contact our Support team by clicking on the purple chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page to start a chat.

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