Audits can help you find time entries that are out of place quickly and easily. Audits can be conducted both by Workspace administrators and regular users. Time audits can be used in Enterprise and Premium plans. See prices and upgrade on your Subscription page.

Using time audits

Time audits are accessible only from Detailed Reports.  


When you select ‘without project‘ or ‘without task‘, the report is run immediately. You’ll know this has been done from the white bar appearing above your bar charts.

When you click on the option ‘suspicious duration‘, you can define the time duration that makes an entry ‘suspicious’ for you:

The next time you run this audit, your last set ‘suspicious’ setting is remembered and automatically filtered. You can always edit this to run different reports.

Clicking ‘clear filters’ below the ‘Apply’ button will clear absolutely all report filters as usual. To clear only the audit filters, just close the white bar from the X:

Having trouble understanding how to best run Time Audits for your team? Contact our support team via chat or email.

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