How can I merge Projects?

Need to merge time entries from two projects into one? Here's how.

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Merging two projects directly (with a few clicks) isn't possible in Toggl Track. However, there is a workaround you can use. Please follow these steps to merge projects:

1. Open the Detailed report.

2. Select the project you no longer need inside the Projects filter.

3. Click on Bulk Edit

4. Bulk Select the time entries you need to move

5. Click Edit Selected

Choose Project

6. Choose the Project you want to move time entries to

7. Click Save

8. Open the "Projects" page and delete the empty project.


  • The Detailed Report shows 50 time entries per page. Do make sure to move all the time entries by following the same process for each page in the report results.

  • You may need to expand the date range filter to make sure you get all the time entries in the project.

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