Historical Billable Rates

On our Premium & higher plans, you can flexibly change billable rates in the past, present or future for more accurate billing & reporting.

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Historical billable rates lets admins modify the historical billable rate for all data or selectively apply the new rates to a past or future date. This feature is available in Premium and Enterprise plans.

Billable rates can be preserved historically across Track, so whether the billable rate was set on the workspace, workspace member, project, or project member level, you can now have accurate data from any time period.

When changing a billable rate, you will see a popup asking whether the rate should be changed for today, a specific past or future date, or all data.

Some important notes

  • If a specific date is selected, the new rate will be applicable to all Time Entries starting from 00:00 of that day, based on the admin's timezone.

  • Opting to apply a new rate to all data will result in modifying all historical data under the new rate.

  • When changing the billable rate to start from a past date, all previous billable rates will remain unchanged. The new rate will stay in effect until a more recent one is set.

    • For example, if today's date is 30/01/24, and you set the new rate to start from 01/01/24, all rates before 01/01/24 will remain unchanged. If no updates are made after 01/01/24, the new rate will be applicable to the present day.

    • However, if you immediately set another rate starting from 15/01/24, you'll have at least three different rates: one (or more) for before 01/01/24, one for 01/01/24 to 15/01/24, and one for 15/01/24 onwards.

  • Scheduling the billable rate to start from a future date will keep all rates before that date unchanged. The new rate will take effect at 00:00 of the scheduled date, based on the admin's timezone.

    • If today's date is 30/01/24, and you set the rate to start from 30/03/24, the current rate will remain until 30/03/24. From 30/03/24, the new rate will be in effect until another rate is set.

    • If a new rate is set on 30/04/24, the rate set for 30/03/24 will remain until 30/04/24. From 30/04/24, the new rate will apply until yet another rate is set.

  • For a Time Entry spanning over midnight, the new rate will be applied to the time entry of the next day. The time entry spanning over midnight will maintain the rate of the day it started.

  • A tooltip will display the date of the last change for each rate.

What happens if we use historical billable rates, and downgrade from Premium to Starter?

If you downgrade from Premium to Starter, your historical and scheduled rates will remain unchanged until you edit a rate. At that point, the last historical rate for that entity will be overwritten.

For instance, suppose you use Project hourly rates, and while on the Premium plan, Project X had different rates for:

  • All data till 2020

  • 2021

  • 2022

  • 2023

If you downgrade to Starter and edit that Project's rate, we will overwrite the last rate, i.e., the one for 2023. The rates before that will remain as is, but any rate changes from that point forward will apply to this last period.

Future rate changes will continue to be scheduled as planned but can be individually removed from the planned list of future changes.

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