Historical Billable Rates

On our Premium and Enterprise plans you can freely update billable rates without changing past reports and build accurate historical reports

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Historical billable rates provides admins with a choice to change the historical billable rate for all data, or only apply the new rates going forward. This feature is only available in Premium and Enterprise plans.

Billable rates can be preserved across Track, so whether the billable rate was on the workspace, workspace member, project, or project member level, you can now have accurate data.

While changing a billable rate, you will see a popup asking you if the rate should be changed for all data, or only going forward from that day.

Some important notes.

  • When changing a rate, you can apply it for the entire data (affecting historical reports) or apply it only from today (i.e. past reports will stay intact).

  • If "change rate as of today" is selected, the rate will be applied to all Time Entries from the beginning of the day, i.e. 00:00 of the timezone for the admin editing the rate

  • If there is a Time Entry that is spanning across midnight, the new rate will be applied from the next time entry, i.e. spanning time entry will keep the rate of the previous day when it was started.

  • Each rate will have a tooltip showing you the date of the last change

  • If a Time entry was created manually for the past date, the logic says the same - Time Entry will use the rate that was valid at that point of time, i.e. pick up old rate.

  • There is no way to change rates as of a particular date (i.e. into the past or into the future, it's always as of today).

What happens if we use historical billable rates, and downgrade from Premium to Starter.

If you downgrade from Premium to Starter, your historical rates will stay the same until you edit a rate, at which point, the last historical rate for that entity will be overwritten.

For example, you use Project hourly rates and while on the Premium plan, Project X had different rates for:

  • All data till 2020

  • 2021

  • 2022

  • 2023

If you downgrade to Starter, and you go in and edit that Project's rate, we will overwrite the last rate, i.e, the one for 2023. The ones before that will stay as is, but from that point forward, any rate change will apply to this last period.

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