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Unlock all Toggl Track's features with the Premium plan!
Unlock all Toggl Track's features with the Premium plan!

Use our Premium plan to make data-driven decisions for your business.

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It’s time to step up your time-tracking game with Toggl Track Premium! With the Premium plan you have access to all of Toggl Track’s features which allow you to make business decisions based on real data.

With the help of Premium, you can:

Keep your team’s data nice and tidy

Use Time Audits to flush out any incorrect entries with just a few clicks.

Someone on your team forgot to add their time? Don’t waste time waiting for them to submit missing hours - fix incomplete reports quickly by using the Add Time for Team feature.
Now that your reports look like they should, use the Lock Time Entries feature. Your team will not be able to edit their time entries after a certain date that you’ve determined. Then share time reports with clients or your accountant, knowing that your data is and will stay reliable.

Additional User Roles

Assign Project Lead and Team Lead roles to users who need more access than a Project Manager role offers, but do not need to be given complete Admin access.

Preserve historical billing rates

Project rate changed while you were working on it? No problem, just update the rate and choose whether only time entries going forward need to have that rate applied with historical billable rates.

Prevent incomplete time entries

The Required Fields for Time Entries feature prevents saving data without certain preset key pieces of information. Use this tool to guide your team members to input any combination of these attributes: Project, Task, Tag, Description.

Set up Single Sign On login option for your team
SAML-based single sign-on allows a user to log in to Toggl Track with a single ID and password used with other applications that support SSO.

Integrate Toggl Track with Jira
Map your Toggl Track entities (description, Project, Task, Tag) against Jira issues to assure seamless cooperation between the two tools.

Integrate Toggl Track with Salesforce
With this integration, you can automate the organization of your Toggl Track Workspace so your team can track time without having to manually create new Projects, Tasks, Clients, and/or Tags. It will automatically sync data from Salesforce into Toggl Track and update it within Toggl Track when anything changes on the Salesforce end.

Automatically send reports to your email

No more manually downloading the same reports thanks to the Scheduled Reports to Email tool! Schedule them to regularly arrive in your inbox so you’ll always stay up to date without the need to log into Toggl Track.

Set up time tracking reminders for your team

Is your team forgetting to log their time? Don’t stress about it! We’ll send them an automatic Time Tracking Reminder if they’ve tracked fewer than their target hours.

Keep an eye on your project’s progress

Our Project Dashboard will show a forecast for a project’s completion based on the project’s time estimate and the hours that have been logged to that project so far.

Set up fixed fee projects

Add Fixed Fees to a project to track profitability for projects where you are paid a lump sum for the complete job.

Easily view profitability

Quickly and easily see which projects are making money and which ones are losing it with our Insights feature. By utilizing Insights' data viewing and labor cost capabilities, you can unlock new insights into how your time is earning you money.

Available to add-on:

Create multiple workspaces/teams within a single Organization

Use the Organizations feature to better organize your team members and keep clients and projects streamlined and only visible to those who truly need access to them. Read more here.

Here's a full list of all Toggl Track features and pricing per subscription plan.

Want to learn how other companies have incorporated time tracking into their daily routine? Check out Toggl Track’s case studies.

Take this short video tour to learn more about Premium. Planning to track time with a team? Save some time and headache by giving us a chance to show you around and help you to get everything set up for bringing your team on board. Sign up for a demo call by filling out this demo form.

If you still have questions about the Premium plan, please contact our Support team by clicking on the purple chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page to start a chat.

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