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What are the differences between Starter and Premium?
What are the differences between Starter and Premium?

Read about the features that differentiate the two paid plans in Toggl Track.

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The Premium plan contains everything included in Starter, plus several new features. Those features are listed below, alongside a brief explanation for each. The Premium plan starts at $18 per user/month with an annual commitment. Premium-specific features include:


With Insights you get an alternate view into your tracked time. Access to Insights will enable a new field in Toggl Track called labor rate. By comparing labor and billable rates you can easily see which projects are generating money and which are losing money.

Reports included within Insights:

  • Data trends

  • Project profitability

  • Employee profitability

  • Comparative analysis

If you'd like to read more about Insights, open the following article.

Required fields for time entries

Prevent users from saving entries without a key piece of information. The feature allows you to force team members to input any combination of these attributes:

  • Project

  • Task

  • Tag

  • Description

For additional details on how Required fields feature works open this knowledge base article.

Locking time entries

Lets you prevent back-dated entries from being created or edited. If we imagine entries are locked up to July 15th, anyone attempting to add time with a start date of July 14th or sooner won't be able to do so. The same is true for editing existing time entries. Want to read more about Locking time entries? Open this article.

Scheduled reports to email

Get updates related to your most important reports without the need to visit the Toggl Track web app. They get sent straight to your email. Scheduled reports can be sent daily, weekly or monthly. For setup instructions related to Scheduled reports, open the following article.

Time audits

Use the audits feature to quickly locate incomplete or "suspicious" time entries. That includes entries without a task, project, or entries that are strangely short (under 1 minute). For more details about this feature open the following article.

Project Dashboard

Project Dashboard will show a forecast for project completion based on the project estimate and the hours that have been clocked for that project so far. This information is available under the "Dashboard" tab when viewing a particular project from the Projects page. Read more about Project Dashboard here.

Add time for team

Use Detailed reports to add time for a team member who forgot to track their time. Normally, admins are only allowed to edit time of their team members. With this feature, they can also create completely new time entries.

For step by step instructions and other details, open this knowledge base article.

This page has a full list of all Toggl Track features. Need further help differentiating between the plans? Feel free to contact our support team via chat or email.

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