Overview of Timesheet Approvals

An overview guide explaining how timesheet approvals work; from setting this up for your team to reviewing each submission.

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Timesheet Approvals allow Organizations (Premium and Enterprise plans) to set up an approval workflow for team members. Admins can choose which users need timesheet approvals and who amongst the admins will approve those entries.

When enabled, this feature turns grouped (by period) time entries into Timesheets, which can be submitted for review, approval or rejection, and have an audit log for when the last review was done and by who.

All of this gives you more confidence when billing your clients for time or improving internal processes to make them more efficient.

Setting up Timesheet Approvals

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To get started, a workspace admin can set up Timesheet Approvals for team members by navigating to Approvals > Settings, or you can click here.

You can set up approvals for specific team members, choose the time period for which time entries will be submitted, set up approvers for each team member, and set up reminders for them.

To read more on how to do all this, please go here.

Submitting Timesheets for Approval

As a user, you can submit your timesheets for approval. To do this, click on Approvals in the side menu, and you will see your timesheets on the screen. You can filter by status and approver, view each time entry and see its status, or submit it for approval.

Admin users will see two tabs under the Approvals page: Team Timesheets and Your Timesheets. Go to "Your Timesheets" to submit and review your timesheets. Regular users will not see any tab options, only one screen with their timesheets.

To read more on how to do this, please go here.

Approving Timesheets

As a workspace admin, you can approve timesheets. To approve timesheets, navigate to Approvals > Team Timesheets, where you can see all the timesheets, regardless of their status and approver. You can then approve or reject timesheets as needed.

To read more about how to do this, please go here.

Timesheet Statuses

Timesheets can be under one of four Statuses: Unsubmitted, Submitted/Pending Review, Approved, and Rejected.

Learn more about each status, its meaning, and how it is visualized in our app here.

Need further help with Timesheet Approvals? Contact our Support team via the chat button in the bottom right corner.

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