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How do I submit my Timesheets for Approval?
How do I submit my Timesheets for Approval?

Learn how to submit timesheets for approval in Toggl Track.

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You may be required to submit your time entries for approval. If you are, you can start this process by creating time entries, and once that is done, go to the Approvals tab to submit your Timesheet.

A timesheet is a collection of your time entries that has been grouped based on a selected time period. When you submit a timesheet, you also submit every time entry under it.

Timesheets will be locked from editing once submitted, so please make sure you make all necessary edits before submitting.

Navigating Timesheet Approvals

If you are an Admin user, clicking on Approvals will show you two tabs: Team Timesheets and Your Timesheets. Click "Your Timesheets" to submit your own timesheets. To learn how to review your Team's Timesheets, click here.

Regular users will not see two tabs; instead, they will see a screen with their timesheets on it.

Here, you can view each Timesheet you have, along with the Approver it will be submitted to and the status of each Timesheet. You cannot submit timesheets for future time periods.

You can filter to view this list by Status or Approver. Use the 3-dot control to submit a timesheet for approval or view the entries in Reports, where you can edit them.

Viewing Timesheets

Clicking on each Timesheet will open it to show you the time entries in it, as well as its status. You can use the date selector to move between different timesheets.

Timesheets show your time entries grouped by Project and Time Entry Description. You can click the 3-dot control in each row to open a Detailed Report showing the time entries individually.

This feature is only available on the Premium or Enterprise plan.

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