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How do I review my Team's Timesheets?

Learn how Timesheet Approvers can review Timesheets submitted to them.

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As a workspace admin, you can review Timesheets submitted by going to Approvals.

While specific Approvers can be set based on your needs, all workspace admins can review Timesheets and approve or reject them. Hovering over a status indicator for a timesheet will show you which Admin last reviewed it.

This feature is only available on the Premium or Enterprise plan.

Navigating Team Timesheets Tab

To view Timesheets, click on Approvals > Team Timesheets. Here, you will see all the Timesheets across your Workspace.

By default, you will see all Timesheets, but you can filter this view to see only Timesheets relevant to you.

Scroll through the Timesheets using the arrows < > in the date picker and sort the columns by Member, Period, and Approver. Hovering over the Status label will display when the Timesheet was last reviewed and by whom. The Hours column will show you the hours logged against the Work Hours set for this user at the Organization > Workspace level.

Reviewing Timesheets

With the 3-dot control next to each Timesheet, you can change its status or go to Reports to view the Timesheet's time entries.

Similarly, clicking on a timesheet will open its time entries in the week view grouped by Project and Time Entry Description. This allows you to drill down to see the specific work that comprises this Timesheet.

When you reject a Timesheet, you will be asked to provide a reason to give the user more context on what they can do to fix the issue. The user will be sent an email notification and can update and re-submit the Timesheet again. However, you can still Approve it without any further changes being necessary if it was Rejected by mistake.

Admins can always edit time entries that are part of a Timesheet from the Detailed Report. You will receive a warning when you are about to edit a time entry that is part of an Approved or Submitted Timesheet.

Need further help with Timesheet Approvals? Reach out to Support via the chat icon in the bottom right corner.

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