Toggl Track reports can be filtered by User, Client, Project, Task, Tag, Billable flag and Description. Changes made to individual filters will be applied as soon as you click outside of the filter field. To generate the report, click outside the dropdown box.

Filtering Features and Suggestions

  • Do not set any filters if you want to show all the available data. 

  • Selecting a client inside the Client filter will automatically select all projects related to that client. Do not interact with the Client filter unless you are creating a report for all projects associated with that client. 

  • Selecting a project inside the Project filter will cause the Task filter to only show tasks related to that project.

  • You may select up to 1000 items in total across all of the filters.

  • By default, reports will show you data from active and archived projects, you can change this by selecting all active projects if you only wish to see data from those projects.

Filtering Projects

Note: Premium plans will also see an Audit filter on their Detailed Report.

Need further help filtering your data? Contact our support team via chat or email.  

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