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Sharing Charts and Dashboards from Analytics
Sharing Charts and Dashboards from Analytics

Would you like to share your custom dashboards and charts with your teammates and clients? That's possible in the new Analytics!

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Sharing Options for Charts and Dashboards

If you are an organization admin, you can share your organization's charts and dashboards in three different ways:

  • Internally, with view access

  • Internally, with edit access

  • Externally via a public link, with view access

To share your charts and dashboards, click on the “Actions” dropdown on the top-right corner and click on “Share dashboard” or “Share chart”:

Sharing Charts and Dashboards using Analytics in Toggl Track

Afterward, you can add the members from your Track Organization with whom you want to share your chart or dashboard:

Sharing Charts and Dashboards from Analytics

Access Rights for Internally Shared Charts and Dashboards

As an organization admin, you can provide view access to your charts and dashboards with any user, user group, and/or workspace inside your organization.

To do this, click on the “Add members” box and select the users, groups, and/or workspaces you wish:

Access Rights for Internally Shared Charts and Dashboards

When you share a resource, organizational admins will automatically receive edit access, and other users will receive view access. Edit access is restricted to organization admins and allows them to collaborate on building and editing your charts and dashboards.

With view access, users with whom you share your assets will not be able to make any changes to your charts.

Be cautious when sharing your dashboards and charts because all your charts are saved from your perspective, which means everyone you share your dashboard or chart with will see the data from private projects and entries you, as an organization admin, have access to. If you want to remove data from private projects and entries, filter those out before sharing.

Members with access for shared dashboards

You can also make changes to the access permissions or remove users whom you've added at any time.

Access permissions for shared charts and dashboards

To remove editor access from all organization admins, you must remove each user with whom the resource was shared.

External Sharing of Charts and Dashboards

If you would like to share your charts or dashboards with people outside of your organization - let's say a client - you can use the external link.

External Sharing analytics toggl track

You can send external links to anyone whom you would like to grant view access to your custom chart or dashboard.

Revoking External Access

If at any time you would like to revoke this access from any external user, you can reset the external link and generate a new one using the "Reset URL" button, thus making the previous link unusable.

There is only one link per chart or dashboard, so resetting the link will make the previous link unusable to everyone with whom you previously shared it to

Need more help or have suggestions for improvements? Contact our support team via chat using the purple chat button in the bottom-right corner.

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