Tracking Time With a Team

In this article: invite team members, manage members, accept invites, deactivate users, activate users, assign user to a group, give admin rights, reporting team´s data, compare dataget  invitation emails.


Inviting Team Members to Your Workspace

  • Any member of a workspace can invite new users to a workspace, irrespective if they are administrators or normal users.
  • Open up the Team page. Invite users by entering one or more email addresses, separated by commas, into the Invite field.
  • The invited members will appear in the bottom of your Team list with not joined yet status.



Accepting Invites

  • If the person you invited doesn’t have a Toggl account they’ll receive an invitation email with an activation link. Registering using that activation link will immediately add them to your workspace.
  • If you’re inviting an existing Toggl user, the invitation will be available inside the notification center (little bell icon).


Deactivating Users

You can temporarily deactivate a user without completely removing them from your workspace. This way they cannot log into this workspace anymore, but they can still be selected in the report filters so you can see their tracked time.

  • Select deactivate from the drop down menu
  • You will not be charged for the deactivated/inactive users.



Activating Users

  • Reactivating users can be done from the Inactive tab. This reinstates the member without sending additional invites. You can re-activate a team member at any time.


Assigning Team Members to a User Group

  • To add your team member to a User Group click on the icon and select one or several User Groups by ticking them.
  • To give administrator rights to a user, tick the admin group.
  • User groups allow to quickly assign multiple users to a project. Open this article to read more about assigning team members to projects.


Reporting on Your Team’s Time

Once your Team has tracked time to projects in your workspace, you will be able to report on them just as you can on your own time. Use Team filter to select specific team members:


Use the Grouped by function in Summary Reports to get a pie chart of the data that your team is spending in comparison to each other on specific projects or in your workspace in total. Or use the filter to filter out specific users’ data. Each project has a distinct color which corresponds with a dot in the data list, and also with the one in the pie chart.

Your Team’s Dashboard

Push the slider to Team to view how they’re doing in your Workspace:


  • Team view can be hidden from regular users. For that go to Workspace Settings page, find “Who can see Team Dashboard” setting and set it to “Admins”.
  • You can compare your Team’s Dashboard with the previous period on the left side. Grey bars on the right side of your current time bars show the time tracked on the previous time period.
  • Most active view on the top right of the screen is a scoreboard of up to 5 team members who have tracked the most time during last week. You can see the persons time tracking sum when hovering on their picture.
  • Activity view under the scoreboard shows an overview of your team’s recent actions. It shows in real time who is currently tracking time (shown in white) and who has recently tracked (shown in gray).


No Invitation Email Received

Toggl emails sometimes get blocked by the spam filters on the email provider level, and sometimes even the Internet provider level.
Here are 2 options that might help you out with that:

    1. Please check your Spam folder to see if the invitation is there.
    2. If it is not, ask the workspace administrator to copy the invitation link and send it to you directly.

If none of those options helped you out, then please follow these steps:

    1. Ask the workspace administrator to remove the invitation that they have sent.
    2. Go and sign up for a Toggl account independently.
    3. Ask the administrator to invite you to their workspace again using the same email address you used to sign up. You will now see the invitation on your account when your log in to Toggl and do not need to receive an invitation email.

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