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Adding Toggl Plan to your team’s workflow
Adding Toggl Plan to your team’s workflow

Get the most out of our apps by using Track and Plan for your planning and time tracking.

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Toggl Track is one of three Toggl-branded products that helps teams work better. The other two are:

  • Toggl Plan: A simple project planning and progress tracking tool that let’s everyone know who’s doing what. This means less confusion and more productivity.

  • Toggl Hire: A smart pre-employment testing tool that replaces resumes with skill tests to quickly identify the strongest candidates for the job. Shortlist quality applicants faster and fairer than ever.

Since time tracking and project management are closely related, many Track teams add Plan to their workflows as well.

If you’re a Track workspace admin responsible for implementing Plan for your team, here’s a guide to setting up from our friends at Toggl Plan.

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