After a whole bunch of work going on behind the scenes, we are excited to announce that Toggl will become Toggl Track on September 7, 2020! You will also notice some changes to the Toggl website, and that we’ve been joined by two new Toggl products - Toggl Plan and Toggl Hire.

We figured you might have some questions, so we’ll try to clear everything up for you here, including who and what Toggl is, what’s changed (and what hasn’t), some useful links, contact information, and FAQs. So let’s get into it!

Who and What is Toggl?

Toggl helps teams work better. We build beautifully simple tools that help you track your time, plan teams and projects, and hire more efficiently.

There are three Toggl products, each staffed by a dedicated team. They are:

Toggl Track, formerly known as Toggl, rebranded in September 2020.

An effortless time-tracking tool that slots into any workflow. Because when time-tracking is easy, people can get more done. Toggl Track generates data that lets everyone know how long they spent on a job, and whether it was profitable.

Toggl Plan, formerly known as Teamweek, rebranded in February 2020.

A beautifully simple project planning tool. Its drag and drop interface lets everyone know who’s doing what. So there’s less confusion – and better productivity.

Toggl Hire, formerly known as Hundred5, rebranded in February 2020.

A smart pre-employment testing tool. Its skills tests help you quickly identify the strongest candidates for the job without sifting through resumes. Busy teams can shortlist quality applicants faster and fairer than ever.

Please note: if you’re a user of multiple Toggl tools, your accounts are not linked. Your existing login details for each tool will remain the same and continue working as usual. You cannot use your login details for one tool to access another tool. You'll need to make a new account for each tool you want to use.

What’s Changed?

Most changes are just aesthetic. The products are still the same tools that you know and love. The friendly faces within each team are all still the same, and company ownership has not changed hands.

That being said, there are a few changes to take note of, particularly in relation to Toggl Track.

Toggl Track

Website homepage:

Login URL:

Support address:

Toggl Plan

Website homepage:

Login URL:

Support address:

Toggl Hire

Website homepage:

Login URL:

Support address:


Can I use one login to access all Toggl products?

No. Accounts for each Toggl product are separate.

You can log in at:

Toggl Track:

Toggl Plan:

Toggl Hire:

If you ever have trouble logging in, feel free to reach out to the relevant support team. We’ll be happy to assist!

Toggl Track Support:

Toggl Plan Support:

Toggl Hire Support:

Is there a discount available for using multiple Toggl tools?

If you’re a large team looking to onboard 100+ users to multiple products, please discuss your interest in using more than one Toggl Tool by completing our demo request form. A member of our team will follow up to discuss your specific use-case.

Are there integrations between Toggl tools?

Yes. You can connect Plan and Track using the following integration. The integration is powered from Toggl Plan and requires a paid account in order to work.

Alternatively, you can use the Toggl Track and Toggl Plan Chrome extensions to quickly start tracking your time or add a task to Toggl Plan respectively from anywhere on the web. For example, you could use the Toggl Track extension to start tracking time from inside a Toggl Plan task or to measure how long you’re spending reviewing candidates in Toggl Hire.

Learn more about the Toggl Track browser extension.

Learn more about the Toggl Plan browser extension.

Have any more questions? Feel free to contact our support team via chat or email!

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