Creating a Time Entry


In this article: tracking in real time (automatic mode), insert duration, add time later (manual mode)continue a time entry, tips.

Creating a Time Entry is the most basic function of Toggl. Here are the various ways of creating a Time Entry (a Time Entry is a record/log that describes what activity you were doing for a specific time period).

Automatic Mode

  • Enter Automatic Mode by clicking the green clock icon on the Timer page, on the upper-right


  • Describe what you’re doing right now in the “What are you working on?” field
  • Select a Workspace, a Project and a Task, add Tags and a Billable flag, if desired
  • Click the green play button to start the clock
  • When you’re done with your activity, click on the red Stop button




To create a Time Entry by defining a duration:

    • In Automatic Mode
    • Click on the duration field (The 0:00:00) and enter the time
    • Confirm the change by hitting enter

The play button will then change into a check mark

Please be mindful that if you select an Autocompleted description this will start the timer, so insert the duration first

  • Click the green check mark button to create the entry

Things to keep in mind when inputting the duration:

  • Duration format is hh:mm:ss. For example 01:32:15 = 1 hour 32 minutes and 15 seconds
  • The default unit is minutes. If only 1 number is entered the system will interpret it as mm
  • If 2 separated numbers are entered it is interpreted as hh:mm For example, 1:2 (For 1 hour and 2 minutes)
  • If 3 separated numbers are entered it is interpreted as hh:mm:ss. For example, 1:2:3 (For 1 hour, 2 minutes and 3 seconds)
  • You can also type 2h to set duration to 02:00:00

Manual Mode

  • Enter Manual Mode by clicking on the three lines underneath the clock icon


  • Enter the description, select a Workspace, Project, Task, Tags and Billable flag if you need (see Automatic Mode above for more information)
  • Set the start and stop times
  • Click the green check mark button
  • The Time Entry will move under the appropriate day header. If the entry is from a future date, it can be viewed on the Detailed Reports page




Continue a Time Entry

  • Hover your cursor over a Time Entry and the Continue Button will appear (a gray play button on the right hand side of the Time Entry)
  • Click on the Continue Button next to a Time Entry to start a new one with the same description, Project, Task, Tags and Billable settings



  • To learn how to delete or edit a Time Entry, visit our article on The Timer Page
  • From project drop-down you can change the Workspace current entry will belong to
  • Click on the running clock to adjust your start time
  • Click on the gray trashcan icon on the upper-right to delete a running entry. The ‘Undo’ option will show up briefly in bottom right
  • You can switch between Automatic and Manual mode by hitting M on the keyboard when no specific field is in focus
  • To create a new project select “Create a new project” from the Projects drop-down menu
  • To create a new Tag, type the name into the search box and press Ctrl+Enter (Cmd+Enter for Mac users)

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