The Timer page is arguably the most important section in Toggl Track. It's the only place (within the web application) where creating a time entry is possible. Wondering how you can create a time entry? Visit the Creating a Time Entry article for more information.

The Timer page is also the only page in the web application that is not workspace-specific. It will always display data from all your organizations and workspaces. This is to give you a full picture of how you tracked your time throughout your day.

Just under the Time Entry area you can see your total tracked time along with a drop-down that allows you to visualize the Timer page in different ways.

Visual Options for the Timer Page

The Timer page has multiple views:

Timer Views
  • List view shows you all time entries in a list, allowing you to group them or bulk-edit them as needed. Read more here.

  • Calendar views show time entries for the week or a single day in a calendar, allowing you to quickly see gaps in your time entries and add/edit time entries as needed. Read more here.

Note: You will not see this dropdown until after you create your first time entry.

Extra Visualizations

Besides switching between List-view and Calendar-view, you can also see other useful information using this drop-down.

  • Daily Project Breakdown: Total time logged for the current day broken down by Projects.

  • Weekly Project Breakdown: Total time logged for the current week broken down by Projects.

  • Activity Timeline: View your timeline activity. More on Timeline here.

You can also choose to hide these extra visualizations.

If you still have any questions about the Timer page, feel free to contact our Support team via email or by clicking on the blue icon in the bottom right corner of this page. 

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