Does Toggl have a pause feature?

An explanation for the lack of a pause feature and how grouping can be helpful.

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While we do understand the desire for a pause button, tracking pauses and resumes would require constant monitoring by our servers. This would, in turn, negatively affect our service's performance.

However, tracked Time Entries with similar details are grouped together on our Timer Page, and (if turned on) in our Reports tab as well.

Grouped Time Entries

If this isn't the case for you, please make sure "Group similar time entries" is turned on in your profile settings.

Grouping Setting

The setting for Reports can also be found on the same page.

A consolidated view of similar Time Entries is also available through the Summary Report. Just set Group by to User / Time Entry. 

Grouping on Summary Report

After the list updates, click on the number beside each Project to see the time totals for different activities under that Project.

Need further help with grouping time entries? Do reach out to our Support team via the chat button in the bottom-right corner, or email.

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