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Using Toggl Track with iOS Shortcuts
Using Toggl Track with iOS Shortcuts

Get more done with Toggl Track's iOS Shortcuts

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By using Shortcuts, you can get even more out of your day. Activate a Shortcut via a tap or Siri. Here's more on the Shortcuts Toggl Track offers for iOS users.

Setting up Shortcuts

To setup Shortcuts, open the Shortcuts App, click on the + button in the top-right corner, click Add Action and then search for Toggl Track to find our supported Shortcuts. Then you can add in the parameters (where needed), choose a name for your Shortcut and save it.

Available Shortcuts

The following Shortcuts are currently supported by Toggl Track and the parameters available.

Check Reports

Choose which period to report for, as well as the Workspace the report should be run for.

Continue Last Time Entry

Continues the last time entry in your time entry list

Start Time Entry

Start a time entry in the app with a specific Description and for a chosen Project. For the Description, you can Select a Magic Variable as well.

Stop Time Entry

Stops the currently running time entry.

While the sky is the limit for how you can use Shortcuts, here are some examples for how you can create Shortcuts using Track and other apps:

  • Start a timer based on your location to start a new timer whenever you enter work or make a site visit

  • View weekly time entry totals with a Check Reports shortcut

Do you have any interesting Shortcuts you've set up using Toggl Track? Feel free to contact our Support team by clicking on the purple chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page to start a chat.

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