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Examples of how Toggl Track can help you and your team get more done!

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Toggl Track is great for both individuals and teams. Not just a time-tracking tool, Toggl Track also provides powerful reporting capabilities, keeping you on top of what you and your team spend your time on.

Toggl Track is intuitive enough to use without training. However, large teams can take advantage of our Customer Success team's training services and implement Toggl Track most efficiently.

Here are some examples of companies that found Toggl Track useful and how our team has helped them.

Implementing Toggl Track into a quickly growing firm

Cassie was appointed by her firm to find a suitable, affordable, and intuitive time tracking option for them and she was curious as to whether Toggl Track might be a good match.

Our customer service team was more than happy to answer some of her basic questions and set her up with our Starter plan's free trial. Once the 30 days were up, she remained on the paid plan, having integrated Toggl Track into her workflow. She remained in touch with our support team as she worked to secure approval to implement Toggl Track company-wide. After receiving a quote based on her team size and was finally given the go-ahead by her company.

But now she found herself faced with a problem. Cassie felt she was pretty well versed in how to use Toggl Track and how her team should adopt it. But how to get them on board? Both literally and figuratively.

She requested a demo, and our Customer Success team set up a consultation.

Cassie's had two main concerns; the first being how to manage the enormous task of onboarding an ever-growing team which now topped 200, the second was not losing the data they'd already tracked via another program.

Much to her surprise, both issues could be solved using CSV import. Cassie's consultant showed her how to import not just users but clients, tasks, projects, and more. In moments, everything she and her team needed for their new workspace was there, uploaded automatically.

The next topic Cassie wanted to address involved accessibility. She wanted certain users, like herself, to have access to every project and control over user groups and task assignments. At the same time, others should have fewer rights, coupled with a limited view. Her consultant explained the difference between Regular users, Project Managers, Workspace Administrators, and project privacy Settings, all while walking her through the settings she could choose for each user, team, and project.

After her session, Cassie felt empowered to introduce and educate her team on Toggl Track. Her consultation, walk-through, and hands-on assistance in getting her workspace up and running took any mystery out of what she admitted initially appeared a bit daunting.

Using Toggl Track as a Marketing Team

When a small agency reached out to Toggl Track in search of a simple but powerful time-tracking solution, they took advantage of our training to help them create their perfect project management solution.

Working primarily on long term branding and public relations support for several clients, marketing maven Anna wanted to make sure scope creep wasn't eating away at her company's profit margins. As a lean team of 5, working on a project an extra 15 minutes each day per person was quickly adding up to several hours of overtime per month that wasn't necessarily getting billed back to clients.

Through our training session, she was able to get a better handle on labor costs, learn how to maximize project time estimates, and set-up saved reports for her clients to easily access where they were in terms of available resources each month.

The result? Better time management for her team and happier clients allowed Anna to take on additional business without having to worry about delivering the quality media coverage she was known for.

Simplifying Time-tracking and Invoicing as a Remote team

A team of 3 developers who all worked remotely was looking for a way to make invoicing more accurate. With Toggl Track, they wouldn't need to guesstimate or spend hours at the end of each week trying to remember what they did; the data is being collated as they work and is always in their reports just one click away.

While they mainly used our web app, they also made use of the Toggl Track browser extension in Github and Basecamp to make the tracking-on-spot even easier.

Since some clients like to be informed of their work's progress continually, they've created a public Saved Report link and left the date range open. This way, the client can see what work has been done on their project at any time.

They also started using a Tag called "Invoiced" to mark time entries that they've already sent bills out for so that they don't double charge the clients or leave things out themselves. It's especially useful because you can add tags to multiple entries at once in the Detailed Report.

Improving the bottom-line for a mid-sized design and marketing agency

This mid-sized agency took on a lot of different projects for different clients, mostly for fixed fees. Since much of their work involved going out to meet clients on-site, we recommended the Toggl Track mobile app as it's also available offline.

By being able to enter an estimate of how many hours they expect each project to take, they were able to keep an eye on their budget utilization as their team tracked time. They also set up Alerts in Toggl Track to notify project managers when the estimated budget was close to having been reached.

Using labor rates, they were able to calculate the cost of each employee within the project. At the end of each project, they can evaluate how well they could keep to their time budgets and whether they made a profit or a loss on the projects.

They use the conclusions drawn from tracking their time with Toggl Track to set better estimates and more accurate prices in the future.

Optimizing internal processes for a large production company

A production company in Brazil, with 85 employees, including part-time ones, wanted to optimize their internal processes. This required tracking time to understand which work was taking up the most of their time and how they could make themselves more efficient.

Their HR department was able to use Toggl Track timesheets to process payroll for their company without needing to chase down each employee for their printed timesheets.

Saved Reports allow them to run the same reports over and over โ€“ each month, they just open the link, adjust the date range, and voila!

While it was challenging to get everyone to track time, the Toggl Track desktop app (Windows | macOS) was beneficial as it reminds them to track time when they forget themselves. They've also set it up so that Toggl Track starts up when they start their computers.

Project templates allow them to set up projects with the right tasks quickly, and User Groups let them easily add all relevant team members to the project in one click.

Interested in trying Toggl Track out with your team? Contact our support team today via the blue chat button in the bottom-right corner or email us!

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