Our goal with Toggl Master is to send you back out into the world of time tracking with a better grasp of what Toggl can do for you and your business. Whether you’re brand new to Toggl or you’ve been with us awhile and are ready to take the next step, the Master program has a plan guaranteed to fit your needs.

These cases will give you examples how others have found Toggl Master’s services useful.


Case study 1: How to make time tracking become a habit

When Bruce came to us he’d been successfully using Toggl on the Free plan for three months. Pleased with his experience he decided it was time to introduce time tracking to his team.

But he needed a little help.

After looking over his options, Bruce decided to go with Liftoff, one of four plans we have available for Toggl Master. Among other things, Liftoff offers you the opportunity to learn more about Toggl and how to use it, how to set up your team, create reports and blend time tracking into your workflow. In addition to this, the Liftoff plan comes with a full week of follow-up support for any questions that might arise.

Bruce was paired with Toggl Master Trevor and as with all Master consults, they began with a short chat to establish his goals as a client and lay out a plan for how best to achieve them.

Bruce opted for a phone call but our Toggl Masters are just as eager and able to speak to you via Skype in your language and when best fits your schedule.

Because he was looking to add more than five users to his workspace, the first step was to upgrade Bruce’s plan. After some discussion he and Trevor decided that the Starter Plan was the best choice and he was assisted in the upgrading process. Since Toggl Master is based on the idea of getting you and your team up and running according to your most pressing needs, its the customer who steers the session.

Trevor covered multiple topics helping Bruce with things like using templates, customizing reports, setting up tasks and importing files. Your Toggl Master covers the topic you want, breaking down the features and suggesting shortcuts, tips and tricks that help you get the most out of the app. It wasn’t long after Bruce and his team were tracking efficiently and effectively; Toggl Pro’s in their own right.


Case study 2: How to introduce Toggl to your team

Even long time users of Toggl can sometimes use some assistance.

Steve had been using Toggl off and on for two years when he contacted us about the Master Program. He had made somewhat sporadic use of the Free app but was now looking to track him time consistently. He wanted to learn what was available but wasn’t necessarily looking to upgrade to a paid workspace. Another bit of information about Steve is that he as a solo user. The Master program isn’t just for people with big businesses and enormous teams. It can work just as well for the single too!

In his first email exchange with a Master he expressed his desire to find a way to track time more efficiently as well as a faster option for creating reports for projects.

A Toggl Master quickly responded and a time and date was set up where they could discuss things further. Steve found the Master plan he needed with Basic which ensured that he would learn more about what Toggl had to offer and the features he’d been missing over the years while crafting a plan of success alongside his consultant.

Steve was most interested in what he called “the shortcuts”. He knew how to track his time and he knew how to create reports. But he was having a far more difficult time turning a desire to track into a habit.

His Toggl Master first worked on introducing him to features guaranteed to get him into a routine of tracking. The first thing was introducing him to Pomodoro mode by way of the Chrome and Firefox extensions. Steve was presented with a way that, when properly implemented, the app itself could remind him to start tracking his time.

His consultation also included an explanation of the tags feature, how to best use that to differentiate between certain entries and how to run reports based on tags.

Finally, Steve was unfamiliar with the mobile app, so his Master session concluded with learning about the benefits and convenience of taking Toggl on the go.

When his consult concluded Steve was no longer overwhelmed at the idea of tracking his time. With the guidance he received in his Master session he was now excited to dive into the app feet first with his new knowledge and understanding of just what Toggl could do for him.


Case study 3: How to implement Toggl into a quickly growing firm

When Cassie first contacted us it was initially with just a few simple questions about Toggl. She had been placed in charge of finding a suitable, affordable and intuitive time tracking option for her company and was curious as to whether Toggl might be a good match.

Our customer service team was more than happy to answer some of her basic questions and set her up with a 30 Day Free Trial on our Starter Plan. Once the 30 days were up she remained on the paid plan having successfully integrated Toggl into her personal workflow. She remained in touch with our support team as she worked to secure approval to implement Toggl company wide. She requested and was provided with a quote for her team size and was finally given the go ahead by her company.

But now she found herself faced with a problem. Cassie felt she was pretty well versed in how to use Toggl and how her team should adopt it. But how to get them on board? Both literally and figuratively.

She requested a demo and our support team referred her to the Toggl Master program. After a quick consultation she decided go with our Professional Plan, specifically because it offered help on importing data, help with structuring and team management and follow-up support for a month.

Cassie’s had two main concerns; the first being how to manage the enormous task of onboarding an ever growing team which now topped 200 as well as not losing the data they’d already tracked via another program. Much to her surprise, both issues could be solved using CSV import. Cassie’s consultant showed her how to import not just users but clients, tasks, projects and more. In moments, everything she and her team needed for their new workspace was there, uploaded automatically.

The next topic Cassie wanted to address involved accessibility. She wanted certain users, like herself, to have access to every project, control over users groups and task assignments. While others should have fewer rights coupled with a limited view. Her consultant explained the difference between Regular users, Project Managers, Workspace Administrators and project privacy Settings all while walking her through the settings she could choose for each user, team and project.

At the conclusion of her Master session Cassie felt empowered to introduce and educate her team on Toggl. Her consultation, walkthrough and the hands-on assistance provided in getting her workspace up and running took any mystery out of what she admitted initially appeared a bit daunting.

In the month that followed Cassie did make use of her Toggl master by reaching out when she had more detailed questions. She even reached out to let us know she found her consultant just as responsible on the 15th day as he was on the first.

While she didn’t rule out the idea of signing up for a short refresher some time in the future, overall, Cassie felt her consult was educational, thorough and a definite investment in her future.

If you decide to sign up for a session with Toggl Master, we think you’ll feel the same.


Case study 4: How to set up a workspace for a marketing team

When a small agency reached out to Toggl in search of a simple but powerful time-tracking solution, they took advantage of our Master consultants to help them create their perfect project management solution.

Working primarily on long term branding and public relations support for several clients, marketing maven Anna wanted to make sure scope creep wasn’t eating away at her company’s profit margins. As a lean team of 5, working on a project an extra 15 minutes each day per person was quickly adding up to several hours of overtime per month that wasn’t necessarily getting billed back to clients.

Anna opted for our Professional package, where she was able to get a better handle on labor costs, learned how to maximize project time estimates as well as set-up saved reports for her clients to easily access where they were in terms of available resources each month.

The result? Better time management for her team and happier clients that allowed Anna to take on additional business without having to worry about delivering the quality media coverage she was known for.

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