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Important Notice

The old Android app is shutting down on November 1st, 2018. Before upgrading and deleting the old app, please open the Toggl web app and check whether you can see your recent time entries. Contact Toggl Support if you can’t, it means they haven’t been synced to the server. Click here to download the new app.

Not sure whether you have the new one or the old one? Check the top left corner. If you see a Toggl logo, you have the new one.

The Basics

Upon launch and after you log in, the app shows the Timer Screen. On the top is Working on These?, an automatically-generated list of your recent most-tracked activities.

Below this section is a list of your most recent Time Entries.

Note that if you haven’t tracked time in a while, nothing may appear. Here’s why.

Swipe (from the middle of your phone’s display)…

  • up to scroll down into the past
  • down to go back up
  • down when at the top of the list to do a manual sync


Create Entry

When you tap the green play button or the green add button to create a new entry, a new window appears.

Start typing to describe the Entry. Your text will replace What are you working on? or What have you done? You can also edit the Entry later.

Now continue creating your entry. Tap…

  • the gear icon to assign a Project (or Type @)
  • the tag icon to assign one or more Tags (You can also Type #)
  • the dollar icon to set whether or not this Entry is Billable (available only for paid Workspaces)
  • the time on the lower-left (it shows 0:30:00 by default) to set the start date, duration, and/or stop times through The Time Selector
  • Save when you’re done creating your Entry
  • X on the upper-left, Delete Entry near the bottom, or the Android back button to cancel

Continue Entry

Tapping on an item creates a new Entry with the same details—except for the start time, stop time, and duration. The Timer will start tracking this new Entry whether or not Manual Mode is on.

To view the total duration of these similar Time Entries, please use the Summary Report on our website.

Edit Entry

When editing an Entry, a new window appears with several rows. Tap a row to change a specific part of the entry. From top to bottom:

  1. Description
  2. Project
  3. Tags
  4. Whether or not the Entry is Billable (available only on a Paid Workspaces)
  5. Start and stop times (opens The Time Selector)
  6. Duration (opens The Time Selector)

When you’re done editing your Entry, Tap Save on the upper-right.

Otherwise Tap X on the upper-left, or press the Android back button to cancel and go back.

You can also tap on Delete Entry to (no surprise) delete the Time Entry (this cannot be undone).

The Time Selector

Accessible when you create or edit an Entry, The Time Selector has three tabs that let you set the start time, stop time, and duration of an Entry.

Tap on each tab’s title to switch to it. You can also Swipe left and right (from the middle of the editor) to switch tabs.

Under the start time and stop time tabs, you can change the time by holding and dragging the clock hand around the hour and minute wheels.

You can also Tap the keyboard icon on the lower-left if you want to type in a time.

Under the duration tab, you can Tap on the time to type in the hours and minutes, or Tap on the +5m, +10m, or +30m buttons to add time quickly.

Manual Mode

By default, the Timer will start as you create a new Entry.

You can turn on Manual Mode in the app’s Settings to prevent this from happening. This makes it easier for you to add time later on.

When Manual Mode is on, the green play button on the Timer screen is replaced with the green add button.

You can also Press and Hold the green play button to create a new Entry under manual mode (i.e., without a running timer).

The reverse is true: Press and Hold the green add button to create a new Entry with a running Timer.


Tap the bar chart icon on the upper-right to show Reports.

While our best reporting features are available on our website, Reports on mobile still lets you see a breakdown of your tracked Projects over a specific period.

Tap the dates on top to select which dates the Report should cover. On the dropdown that appears:

  • Swipe the calendar left or right to browse through the months
  • Tap two different dates to set the start and stop of the Report period
  • Tap on the same date twice to limit the period to one day
  • Swipe the presets on the bottom of the calendar left or right , and Tap on any of them to apply it
  • Tap the dates on top again to hide the calendar

Note that Reports will not include any running Time Entry.


Tap the gear icon on the upper-right open the app’s settings.

Selecting an item under Default Workspace changes the Workspace new Entries are automatically assigned to, when they’re created.

Under Date and Time you can change the First day of the week, which will reflect in Reports. Here, you can also switch Manual Mode on or off.

Tap Submit feedback to send us a message about the app. Nothing’s off-limits, whether its praise, complaints, suggestions, or even just greetings. Be nice!

Tap Help to read this article.

Tap About to view our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. The version number of app is also listed here.

Tap Sign out of Toggl to logout of your account. This lets you use a different Toggl account with the app, in case you use more than one. Keep in mind that logging out will delete any unsynced Entries!

Why can’t I see my old entries?

Your Toggl data is saved on the cloud. You can review past entries on the Detailed Report page of our website.

However, to keep syncing on mobile as stable as possible, the app will only pull Time Entries from the last two months. If you haven’t tracked time for a while, you might not see your older entries when you log into the app.

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