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In this article: edit, bulk edit and delete, grouping and ungrouping time entries, daily / weekly chart, timeline.

Your Timer page is like your workbench; all the basics you need to be productive in one place. This article will show you what functions Timer page offers and how to use them. For tips on how to create time entries, visit the “Creating a Time Entry” article here.


Edit, Bulk Edit and Delete

  • To edit an entry, click on the relevant field and insert your changes.
  • To delete a time entry hover over the time entry – Delete Icon (a black X) will appear at the right end of a time entry. Click on the X and the entry will be deleted.
  • The Undo option will briefly appear in lower right corner of the window if you would like to reverse the deletion.

  • Bulk Edit and Delete functions appear when hovering over the day header.
  • To Bulk Edit time entries tick the entries you wish to change, click the Bulk Edit heading next to the day title and make your changes on the overlay.
  • To use Bulk Edit to delete entries: tick time entries you wish to get rid of and select Delete in day header.
  • The Undo option will briefly appear in lower right corner of the window if you would like to reverse the deletion.

  • Deleting multiple time entries is only available one day at a time on the Timer page.



Grouping and Ungrouping Time Entries

To turn Grouped Mode on or off:

  • Click on your account name at the bottom-left side of the page, then click on Profile Settings link.
  • Under the Timer Page header tick or untick the Group similar time entries check box.
  • If you turn this setting off, start/stop times are shown on Timer page by default.

  • Similar entries from the same day will now be grouped or ungrouped under one entry on Timer page.
  • For grouped entries to expand allowing you to view all matching time entries click the number next to the description or project name. Read more >>>
    If your entries aren’t grouping make sure that every piece of information matches an earlier entry. One different tag is enough to prevent grouping.



Daily and Weekly Charts


Timeline data

  • Enable the Timeline chart from visualization menu just below timer:


  • Horizontal bars show the times of the day that you have covered with time entries.
  • Scroll the timeline by clicking on left / right arrows in top left.
  • In case you’re using the desktop app and have enabled Timeline Recording, the vertical bars will display programs that you’ve used and pages you’ve viewed. Read more >>>
  • After enabling Timeline in the desktop application, please contact to finalize the Timeline setup process.

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