Creating Projects and Clients


In this article: creating projects, editing projects, bulk edit, project rate and currency, adding tasks, archiving, team settings, moving data between workspaces, creating clients.


Allocating your time entries to Projects allows you to categorize your data and generate useful reports more easily. You can add a Client to each of your Projects. Note: a Client can be assigned to many Projects, but each Project can only have one Client. Read this blog post for more tips.

Creating a New Project

  • Click the Project tab on the left side menu.
  • Click the green “Create Project” button.
  • On the overlay: add the name of the project in the ‘project name’ field; select a project color; add a client; change Project’s privacy setting.


  • By default all projects are private. You can choose to leave the new project private or mark it as Public to make it visible for the whole team.
  • You can’t edit individual user settings on public projects. More information on Project Privacy Settings can be found here.
  • You can view all created projects by clicking on the Projects tab on the left side menu.
  • To start tracking time under a Project, select it from the drop down list on Timer page. You can always change the Project label while tracking or afterwards.
  • You can move your data between Workspaces by choosing another Project label. When editing time entries on Detailed Reports page pick a Project from another Workspace, to move your time entry to that Workspace. This feature is also available with Bulk Edit.
  • Users on paid plans can also create new projects by using Project Template feature.


Editing Projects

  • To edit a project go to Projects page; click on the project’s name you wish to edit.

Project Edit page contains:

Project name can be changed by simply editing it in its field.

Change the Color of a Project by clicking on the colored box. Custom colors are only available on Toggl’s paid plans.

If you’re using Starter plan you’re able to set individual Project’s Billable Rate. Currency is taken by default from Workspace Settings and can be changed per project by clicking on the gray currency badge.

Deleting and Archiving projects is done from the Settings Cogwheel to the left side of the green “Done” button.

After deleting a project, a notification briefly appears at the bottom of the screen giving you the option to Undo and restore the deleted entry.


Editing Projects in Bulk

  • To edit projects in bulk go to Projects page.
  • Tick the projects you wish to edit; select Bulk Edit from the pop-down menu at the top of the list.
  • Insert your edits on the overlay.


  • Free Workspace can bulk edit team members, clients and Project color (see the overlay here).
  • Users in a paid Workspace can also make projects Billable or Non-Billable; set a new rate; create templates (see the overlay here).
  • If you wish to add team members and also keep the existing ones you need to select the existing users, too – otherwise they’ll be removed.
  • You can also create a new Client on this page. The option will appear once you’ve typed the new Client name into the “Set client” field. The Client will be created when you click on the “Create client …” button.


Adding Tasks to your Project

Users on Toggl’s paid plans can add an additional level to a Project’s hierarchy by creating Tasks. Tasks act as sub-projects. They can be assigned to a specific project team member; completed Tasks can be marked as ‘done’.

Archiving Projects

  • Go to Projects page; choose ‘Archive’ from menu in front Project’s name:


  • Archived project will not appear in the drop-down menu to select for time tracking anymore, however, you can still continue tracking on existing entries.
  • Archived projects also don’t appear in reports filter. Previously tracked time remains and can be seen in reports if you leave the filters empty.
  • Restore archived projects by going to the Projects page, clicking the drop-down menu next to active and selecting “Archived”. From there, click “Apply”, select the project to restore by clicking the drop-down arrow to the left and click “Restore”.


Team Settings

  • Public Project can be seen by everyone in your team. On Projects page the Team column contains ‘Anyone’ to mark that this project is ‘public’. Click on the project to change project’s privacy from Team tab.
  • In case of Private Projects Team column shows all project’s members. You can add or remove project’s members and User Groups from Team tab like shown here. Private Project can be turned ‘public’ from Team tab by clicking the “make it visible to everyone” option.
  • Change Project Team Member’s role by clicking on the pop-down in front of the user’s name in Team tab.


Creating a New Client

  • Click on the Clients tab on the left side menu.
  • Type in a new client’s name and click Add.


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